AI generated Seinfeld that goes on forever

Larry sounds like Nathan Fielder. Is this Fielder doing a bit?

George bodyslamming and Danny DeVito-ing the couch did me a bit

1 more scene or else I will not get work done today

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A while ago Larry was doing his stand up bits, then reading his stage directions out loud, eg:

“Well that’s all for tonight. Waves to the crowd, everyone is laughing. Turns and walks off the stage”

all while standing at the mic


Literally just got a job as a Seinfeld script writer/voice actor/CGI artist as well. Fucks sake.


Genuinely good bit where, discussing an office building being replaced with a shopping centre, George said “wait, will it have parking?”

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In an entirely predictable series of events, the AI generated Seinfeld has milkshake ducked itself


The AI learnt too much from Michael Richards

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It’s back, but is no longer based on Seinfeld