(am I being insensitive?)

This is a place to highlight potential cultural insensitivity and to have grown up, sensible discussions about it without making any presumptions about what people should and shouldn’t know. If this is a terrible thread idea vote so and I’ll bin it, it not I’ll get it rolling in a moment. Poll is anon

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Can I be really naive and ask what AIBI stands for?

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Take it to the AIBB thread

Right, here we go.

I’ve recently started a new job where there is quite a number of Muslim staff, certainly more so than anywhere I’ve ever worked before. I am typically a desk lunch eater, and snacker especially in the rainy weather. With Ramadan starting this week is it a bit insensitive for me to continue to do this? Like, I’ve never fasted but I cannot for a second imagine it’s an easy thing to do, especially at the start.

Sorry if this is incredibly naive, but you were warned. Just a bit worried about making it harder for people/being obliviously offensive


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Please post your own predicaments to make me feel a bit less silly

probably depends, do many people desk eat? is it a normal thing to do in your workplace?

In my last job we had a small office of 8 with one Muslim lady. I actually asked her this question last Ramadan and her response was don’t worry about eating your own food but it would be great if we didn’t have piles of cakes and biscuits lying around like usual. So we didn’t and it was fine.


Looking around there’s a few bits here and there, but not as much as there has been in other roles

That’s very good to know, thank you!

Your colleague could feel differently though so you could always just ask


Think different Muslims will have different opinions, like people often do. I’d ask them.