Are you being unreasonable about something?

Almost certainly


Yes, but it’s really boring.

I personally think it’s unreasonable you’ve not continued the coffee thing.

Now your turn.


Oh go on.

It’s about Netrunner.

Ok never mind.


I’m trying! Nowhere sells Caffe Breves or Red Eyes! I’ll make my own Red Eye next time I need to be awake for something though.

I might be ceding the moral high ground to my noisy neighbour by blasting music unreasonably loud when they’re being noisy, but in my defence they were so loud the other day that I could hear them from outside their house when I walked past, so maybe I am not BU.

Leaving my job soon and my manager is panicking and wants me to document EVERYTHING, including every single excel manoeurve I ever use. I’m refusing on the basis that that is bollocks. I’m probably being unreasonable.

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am I being unreasonable to monopolise the television for every world cup game

  • yes
  • no

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I don’t think you’re being unreasonable. Can’t they just learn it from you in a few sessions?

Depends. What’s on?

No. It’s once every four years.


I’ll allow it if you share what you’re being unreasonable about


dunno why it chopped that sentence off anyway

Extremely unreasonable. Will not be tolerated in my household.


Oh, I’m really annoyed at the big boss because they’re thinking about sending some work to my old firm (in fact, to my old team) and nobody’s asked me for input.


I feel like it’s the principle that’s worse than what’s on the telly

No they want it documented for the next person. I keep trying to explain it’s all either basic excel skills or things I googled how to do. Can’t see why the new person can’t do this.