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Sooooo looks like the end of that really.

Harry Knowles has been accused of sexual assault - and all his long serving writers have abandoned him without even a hint of sticking by their boss/friend, which says a lot.

Anyway the site has been REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE for years and many other sites have done it’s job far far better and he was an excruciatingly bad writer but I have always gone back to it just out of habit I think.

I notice that all the story comments have been closed - which is a good thing since it’s largely a festering pit of MRA grievances and self-pity. Even more than this place.

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can you briefly summarise what you’re talking about? (sorry)


No idea what any of this is


How anyone can look at that homepage and decide they’re interested enough to read on is beyond me.


It’s a site that was basically the original Internet movie gossip/rumour/news site.

ah ok

I’ve not even thought of that site for about 10 years. Already assumed it had been taken off the internet.


Remember buddyhead

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and it was ok for a bit - full of scurrilous rumours and tales of people sneaking onto movie sets - then it got terrible and incredibly lazy. But maybe since it was the first of it’s type - lazier, older internet users just kept going out of habit.

A, In Tit? Cool News!

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^ Yorkshire version of website failed to catch on.

Used to go on it all the time for movie news and rumours, and even then it was pretty awful. Got supplanted by social media and reddit as a news source pretty comprehensively thank god.

He’s always been a terrible writer and a lot of his reviews have some really iffy stuff in them so this isn’t surprising. The whole thing was an embarrassing vanity project. Didn’t he steal loads of kickstarter cash too?



it’s pretty messed up though that this dweeb is being run out of business for what sounds like a single accusation from years ago (quite rightly I should add) yet the president was caught on tape admitting to doing the same kind of stuff over and over and is still in his job



Came in to post this :-1:

Remember his cameo in The Faculty? That was weird.

So was Jon Stewart’s facial hair…

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No idea who stacy Solomon even is

from the bible

No he plays for man city