Air BnB thread (for renters & rentees)

Me and the tv are strongly considering renting our place out over the summer as both an excuse and a revenue stream to take an extended break

so what I’m after is all your Air BnB stories/tips/advice/dos & donts both from the point of view of the renting traveller and the temporary landlord

hit me

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You’ll be driving an Uber next.


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it’s a career option

The best Airbnbs for me have been ones where the owners have been super friendly and given us good tips about the local area and welcome food / drinks (yes, I am that shallow). Goes without saying that making it spotless and making sure everything is working is also a massive bonus. Little things you’d expect in a decent hotel or a B&B like nice towels / toiletries as well.

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Yeah, joking / SRS moral qualms aside, the key things I look for as an AirBnB user is cleanliness, little extras (maybe some toiletries, towels, a list of local recommendations and stuff). Also, make sure it’s really easy to find and get in to. It sounds daft, but the biggest issue I ever had with a place was that the door had about six locks and a stack of keys like this:

And we literally couldn’t get into the place. Took several phone calls to the owner (who was in fucking Thailand) from a local coffee shop to get some advice.

We’re renting from airbnb for the first time this summer:

+ super-friendly host
+ weekly rent that’s about 40% cheaper than most of the other properties
+ flexibility to book Monday to Monday (rather than being stuck with a Friday/Saturday changeover)

I use Airbnb a lot for work travel and it might go without saying but I think communication is one of the things that makes or breaks it. If the host doesn’t get in touch at least a couple of days beforehand to let me know about keys, the address etc. then I start to get worried, especially as one time I ended up staying in a hotel for the first night because the host was in another country and I couldn’t get in (Airbnb paid for the hotel luckily). Another time the host had given me the wrong door code and didn’t reply to messages until about an hour later,so I was stood out the street in the rain waiting.


Yeah, this, communication. I’ve generally had really good experiences, but a couple where the hosts were hopeless at getting me the info to enter the property.

I’m Barcelona the toilet was flooded everywhere and was all in one of the bedrooms. ‘Piss room’ we called it. We broke a cupboard (by accident) and spilled red wine all over the white painted walls (by accident). We thought we’d get fines(?) but because of piss room it was a mutual no review.

My advice is don’t have a piss room

This is always super helpful. Also info about laundry/nearby launderettes is good, especially if they’re staying more than a few days or they’re on an extended trip in the country.

Are you going to bother telling your actual landlord? My friend popped over to the place he was renting out before Xmas with a card and a case of wine for the tennants. Some random opened the door who told him he had found it on Airbnb. Probably not an issue if the owner lives miles away.

Doesn’t receiving money from renting out your flat while on holiday simply increase inequality between those who can capitalise on property ownership and those who can’t?

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The flipside to this advice would appear to be, don’t rent to gonad tbh tbf…

but he’s Spain’s second largest city


Did your mate throw them out for sub-letting?

I would’ve.

Kind of. He was looking for an excuse to get rid of them anyway so when the contract was up he got them to move. Ironically, the reason he wanted them out was because the place was always so disgustingly filthy, but when he visited the place looked immaculate (from what he could see through the front door). I think they’d used the photos from Zoopla for the listing. Chancers.

Law breakers too. Fair play.

I’ve only had decent ones, but some more decent than others.

Vaving rented mostly in either germany or italy, contrary to stereotype I’ve found the Italian hosts to be brilliant, well organised and helpful whereas some of the German ones were a shambles in terms of communication and logistics (getting keys/turning off alarms/getting wifi to work etc etc).

so well done italians.