Air Fresheners

Been using reed diffusers for 4 or 5 years and, quite frankly, I feel like I’ve been conned. They do very little in the way of actual freshening and aren’t particularly cheap.

Give me some viable and attractive options, or just tell me what the overriding smell is in your gaffe

I like a scented candle

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Usually cooking onions

are you rotating them regularly?

Explain pls

Oh no. You flip the sticks right?

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when a reed diffuser comes along, you must flip it


That sounds like you’re not periodically moving them into different positions

Think I might have just started exactly the thread for our dear friend Noah here

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I’ve got a plug-in by my front door because I am always paranoid about cat smells (even though I change the cat litter every 1-2 days and my home is clean!) and I hate the way it smells. It definitely smells strongly. I only have it on for an hour or so a day.

I’m the kind of guy who really dislikes artificial fragrances


Fucking love the smell of Neutradol.

You know I flip, yes I flip the sticks
You know I flip, yes I flip, check it out
Fool listen, I know that you’ve been missing all this and
So my rhymes are gonna gleam, and glisten
Like a gem, and if you are the fake MC type
I’ll shine so bright that I’ll be blinding your eyesight

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It’s handy to have a spray for dealing with urgent stuff like cat mess smells. Don’t actually have one at the moment though

All my reed diffusers are dry - the stuff evaporates quick and it’s £££££

My only method is burning incense at the moment - I got those ones that smell like pencils a couple of people have posted about

Might :fire: one up now

Best method is “opening all the windows” if it’s a nice dry day

someone off here recommended some nice incense that makes my flat smell like a log cabin and not like a student hellhole so have been absolutely rinsing that

Have two plug-in ones in the hallway so people don’t realise my flat smells of arse until they’re already well inside (the flat).


Same stuff I think - ceder ?

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Also, we’ve got a new neighbour who’s a bit of an arse. A couple of the neighbours like a doobie. She’s put reed diffusers in the communal hallways. Genuinely prefer the smell of ganj.

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‘smells like pencils’ :sweat_smile: if you say so