Air fryer thread

Anyone want to talk about air fryers?

Keep putting ninjas in my basket but really haven’t got the space for it in the kitchen.

Had a cheap Lidl one years ago which was quite good but didn’t last long and an arse to clean

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I have never used one but am interested to hear if they’re any good.

check out harru with his science oven

i don’t really know what they are or how they work


Air fryer is out of control
It’s gonna burn this city, burn this city


All I ever used mine for in the past was chips

But i really like chips

It makes chips that are much better than oven chips but not quite as good as proper deep fried

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Did you ever try making sweet potato chips in it?

Probably! But I cant remember them being special so they were probably just ok.

Full disclaimer: I don’t really like sweet potato fries

I’m just trying to find a reliable way to make sweet potatoes edible

The only thing I actively like eating them in is daal I think

(Lentils/split peas, sweet potato and green beans)

sweet potatoes are great you idiots



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I’d rather have butternut squash and that is saying something

Sweet potato mash + mango chutney is a Jamie Oliver combo that is surprisingly good.

apart from chips and crisps sweet potatoes are better than sour potatoes

probably. i’m sure there’ll be something else i’m forgetting.

I like the taste and they’re supposedly quite healthy but they’ve got a sort of fibrous texture that I find repulsive. Chips seems to be the most reliable way of disguising the texture but they stick together and turn to mush too easily.

My girlfriend bought one of these and I thought I’d never use it but its actually really good.

I mostly bang a load of veg in it then serve up a buddha bowl. Great for chips too.

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is this thread going to end in me buying an air fryer

No its going to be the thread that dismisses sweet potatos


Is an air fryer not just a really small fan oven?