Air Pollution

Sorry I’m sure there’s already been a thread on this. What do you make of the worsening air pollution situation in UK cities? Would you ever consider moving away from the city because of it? Are lung diseases going to rocket in coming decades?

It was only very recently that I noticed how fucking dreadful the air in London is.

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It’s an absolute clusterfuck but it isn’t going to be fixed, because the main solutions (heavy, heavy restrictions on private vehicle usage) are politically unpalatable.

The upshot I guess is that it probably will get better, as electric vehicles take over. It won’t solve the numerous other health issues that come along with a motorised society, but it will fix that one. But we’re fucking several entire generations in the process, and the cost is likely to be very high.

would you say it’s time for us to crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside?