AirBnB Etiquette

The share economy has created some weird situations. Sorry if this thread has been done before, but I just finished off a SECOND chocolate bar in the fridge at the place I’m staying at.

The host said “help yourself to whatever is I’m the Fridge”. I ate both chocolate bars. I am only here overnight.

I feel terrible, have I broken the rules? What is the etiquette? I’m also drunk.


60% of AirBnB’s I’ve booked I’ve never even gone back to because I’ve stayed out, always wonder if they’re glad of the free money or annoyed for idk reasons

  • Fine, glad even
  • Annoyed

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Less interaction the better I reckon.

I feel like someone who has skulled 5 bottles of water from an Uber Driver.

I think I’d replace one of the chocolate bars before I left. I doubt they’d hate you if you don’t, though.


do a poo into one of the wrappers and put it back


what possible grounds would they have for being annoyed


If you’re a two chocolate bars in one night kind of guy you should have your own IMO :wink:

Absolutely always take advantage of any free shit left behind by the owners. If they didn’t want you to have it they’d take it with them.

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Were you renting a room in the house they’re living in or an empty place? Former I’d be a bit irked, latter is fair game. Who keeps chocolate in the fridge though?

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This has reminded me of the 45 minute induction I got from a host in Dublin. She said you can have anything in the fridge, help yourselves, then went through every item in detail. ‘Now if you’re going to have some cheese, say to make a nice omelette with the eggs, just cut a piece off the block then wrap the cheese back up and seal the packet and put it back in the fridge.’ Jeez really? I wouldn’t have known. She also realised she had forgot bread and was going to drive all the way across the city to her house to pick it up. Bread costs a euro mate, we’ll just buy some.

Staying in an Airbnb tonight, hoping to arrive and go straight to my room and shut the door.

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It’s the latter, just me in my box. No idea, but he did explicitly say help yourself to anything in the fridge.

That’s absolutely fine then - if you’d eaten ten it would be ok.


I have a friend whose band stayed in an Air B’n’B whilst in Glasgow. When they got to the room, they were told they were absolutely under NO CIRCUMSTANCES to stand on this one particular expensive rug in the room that really tied the room together, etc. Guess where she ended up throwing up after too much Buckfast?


:smiley: this was what it was like, but much worse! And I was there with a female friend and she kept asking, I can show you how to pull the sofa bed out or…or…maybe you don’t need it… :joy:. To be fair to her in amongst her very long chat she did tell us a couple of things about Dublin that saved us time and money.

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great typo from my housemate yesterday when he meant AirBnB

currently trying to sort a lisbon air bomb


Sensible people.


After eights taste much better straight from the fridge

chocolate tastes nicer when it’s chilled.


she sounds nice.