Airbnb stories - for the FAO of @Epimer - incorporating a lot of marcksplaining and a rousing win by JonnyMango (AKA ROYTER HATFOOD) and now with added prostitute photography by ma0sm - GR8 JOB GUYS



Anybody had an absolute horrorshow using this? All of the one’s I’ve used have been absolutely fine, the dodgiest was probably a flat in Reykjavik that left the front door key under a rock right outside the apartment.

Regale us with your tales of woe (no deaths please).

Thread for the weekend

Stayed in one that had a ghost that scratched my legs.


Only used it once. Was in one of them massive american RVs in some really rich family’s garden in Prestwich when we went to see Chance The Rapper. Only problem was that it was on the Sabbath so our host had to show us around in the pitch black. Overall it was :good: but we did not get to drive the RV

I’ll provide an equally entertaining story when I use it in Berlin in February


Thing is, the closest Holiday Inn wanted £315 for the night, so I don’t think there’s anything that could make me regret my decision at this point.


Not trying to make you regret your decision, I’ve used Airbnb 12 times according to my account. Every time has been grand.


I’m only paying £65.


I’ve been had!


Only had an issue once with the host having embarrassingly loud sex - arse slapping and everything. I can only presume maybe that got off on their guests hearing.




This is getting better and better.


Should’ve turned round and asked them to keep it down




Oh man, this is why I tend not to always rent entire flat and not a private room.


Fixed that for you.


Obviously I’ve got a private flat (well, annex), I’m not a student.


Used it once in Vienna and it was actually a fairly great experience. The flat was in really good condition and the host was lovely. He went off on a spiel about how it was his grandfather’s flat and he’d been visiting it all his life etc etc. Could have been a cracking lie to encourage us not to trash it but there you go. He had also bought us some cake and a couple of pastry things which was really nice.


Now if I’m not given cake I’m going to be disappointed. Great.


Think i only used it once, stayed in glasgow. They had nice coffee. That’s all i’ve got.


always been great tbh!

there were loads of fights / one long fight outside one in Frome we stayed at, which i could hear as i drifted in and out of sleep, and then in the morning there was loads of sick all over the door to the house, which i had to clean off in case teh hosts thought it was somekind of protest - but other than that i’ve only had great experiences

whole flat / house is the way to go - have some friends who rented a room when they stayed in new york, which coincided with the hosts going through a breakup - which i think was fun for everyone


No real horror stories, mostly excellent to be honest.

The one biggest problem was renting an apartment in Gdansk, on the top floor, no stairs. Got up there, got the keys from a security box next to the door, and found a whole bunch of keys, and a door with about six different locks on it. We couldn’t open it. Me and Mrs HYG were both there for 20 minutes trying every possible combination of turns, and we couldn’t make it budge. Eventually gave up and decided to try and get in touch with the renter, who lived in Thailand of all places, and wouldn’t answer our international phone calls. Went to a coffee shop and emailed them and they got in touch, said it was easy and they didn’t know what we were fussed about. Went back, had another crack, eventually solved it, don’t know how. Were pretty cautious about coming and going after that, only bothered with one of the locks. Was crazy.

Also got electrocuted on the dishwasher.