Airfryer chat

Worth it? Just a fad?

I’ve got one coming today as rarely use my oven other than to cook one item. Should be more economical?!

Any good recipes?


I don’t have one but I’ve been using my hairdryer instead and achieved the same results


i love doing Pork Belly in mine, just chop it up into 1-inch cubes, toss them in some olive oil and seasoning, then 20 mins at 180, turn them over halfway through. :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


use it constantly. usually for doing veg that would take three times as long int oven, but also for chicken katsu, bacon, fish etc.

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I’ve got one.

Mainly do chips in it.

Though Mr s_w does do salt and chilli chicken in it which is delicious.

Following this thread too for inspiration as I should use it more!

We have one and use it more than we use the oven. Great for quickly doing chips and snacks that would take longer in the oven, stuff like chicken breasts as well.

You want to have either a bowl or some liners to put in the bottom as air frying things that let off a lot of oil or grease can be a pain, cleaning out a greasy AF is not fun.

Chicken wings are great in the air fryer

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Did some broccoli in mine yesterday - came out lovely

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My ex was an early adopter pf an air fryer. He got one like 10 years ago and he used it all the time and i do think they’re worth it but i refuse to get one as i won’t have any more clutter on my worktop and i don’t like the idea of all this extra stuff that will end up in landfill. Would be good to have future ovens built in with an air fryer section though.


Once I did a whole chicken in the AF

Was good

Will do it again


Got one and never use it really. Just don’t really understand it.

We use it all the time, don’t understand how I lived without it. Want to get a bigger one.

I like mine a lot, as I’m only cooking for 2 its really handy. Some chicken thighs in there after you’ve allowed them to marinade in whatever spices is always bangin

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Any good recommendations on what ones to buy?

I got a Consori one as a YouTuber I like (prohomecooks) uses that brand and they had a small version.

Not sure if there’s much difference in them all though?

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Mmm katsu yes pls

We do quite a lot of breaded fish/prawns for tacos so I’m hoping this makes it easier! I normally deep fry them on my hob so assume I’m consuming loads of oil and my insides are slippery

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this is the one i’ve got

don’t really need the app control, but it is nice as i’m lazy, and when i got it it was on offer. works really well though, dead happy with it

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I got the same one but smaller (no space in our flat, only 2 of us)

It’s mostly build quality i think.

I had a cheap one from Lidl that fell apart after a year and then a more expensive Ninja that’s been hammered for the last two years and still going.

have you done anything from the recipe book (if you got one)?