Airing cupboard

Anyone got any airing cupboard chat? My parent’s house has an airing cupboard, in the bathroom. Nice and warm in there, my mum keeps towels and other stuff in there. Never had an airing cupboard since. My new flat has a boiler cupboard but it’s not nice and warm. When Blue Peter has makes they’d always tell you to put stuff in the airing cupboard. Or maybe that was the tortoise.

Don’t have one. My mum does, and a squirrel took up residence in there for a while.

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Parents: HAVE an airing cupboard
Child (me): Has NEVER had an airing cupboard
Future me: What is gas?

Davidoff Cool don’t have one


I used to love the smell of the airing cupboard. It’s where I kept my Triops.

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Like chest freezers.

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There’s a cupboard with the boiler in. It’s usually really warm but also has no storage or really any space for storage.

My mum’s house has one with shelves and stuff, you have to be careful though cos the cats will jump to and go to sleep on the clean linen.

My chest is too warm

Get out of the airing cupboard then.

Gf calls it the ‘hot press’

Still takes me about 5 mins to work out what she’s on about whenever she mentions it.

Is this an Irish thing or a Scottish thing? (might even be a dup thing tbh)

Had an airing cupboard in my last house. I was once woken up in the middle of the night by a scratching sound from within it. On opening the door, a giant black cat (not mine) leapt out and attacked me. I was scratched to pieces.

Still don’t know who’s cat it was, or how it got in our airing cupboard.

TLDR: I hate airing cupboards.


What did you do with the cat?

I can see no logical link as to how anyone could use the name hot press for an airing cupboard, nor have ever encountered this term in real life.

In short, you are a liar.

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Does she grab a new clean towel and shout “Extra, extra, read all about it, hot off the press!”?


I managed to wrestle it out of the front door. It was a vicious sod.

Farmer: I have 10 airing cupboard


That sounds very distressing.

Sort of actually yeah

I’ve got an airing cupboard. Unsurprisingly, we keep some bedding and towels in there.

I can confirm that, at 3am, it was absolutely terrifying.