Airing cupboard

Actually no, of course she doesn’t.

It’s me that does that every time she mentions it. Every time.

boiler types

  • gas
  • bunny
  • hot
  • water
  • boiler boiler
  • oil
  • hot press
  • hot mess
  • sex boiler
  • i am the one and only
  • hot water magic box
  • mystic portal to the cat dimension
  • Susan Boyle®
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaahahhhhhh boooooiiiiiiii(ler)
  • oi oi it’s a boiler
  • Don’t be coy(ler) it’s a boi(ler)
  • Custard for boi(ler), mustard for gir(ler)

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I live in a new build flat, airing cupboards are luxury like, well, normal cupboards.

a lick ya boom boom now

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@ Scottish dissers help me out here please confirm or deny

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help harru out

  • confirm
  • deny
  • deny, deny, deny

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yep, hot press


My parents had one in my childhood home - everyone in the family had a little basket thing in there, and your socks and pants would get put in it after they’d been washed and dried for a lovely warm through.

We don’t have them anymore cos no one has storage heaters any more

I go to this place on holiday every year - and it has an airing cupboard, but now they are all bolted shut cos this happened :frowning: SAD STORY, don;t click on it if you don’t want to read something sad

Fucking hellllll


It’s a hot press. Airing cupboard is probably quite an English thing

For many Irish people a regular cupboard (ie for food) is a ‘press’ also. I defer to @Kallgeese on this as it’s mostly Donegal folk I know who say this


he didn’t @ me so he can go to hell


I think our outdoor cupboard thing was originally for drying things

Is your boiler in there? Mine’s in the kitchen.

I don’t even think I’ve got a socket in mine, so I’m jealous of those who have their washing machines in them - should I be jealous of that? Does mean potentially having spiders knocking around outside my washing machine and having to leave the front door of my flat to put a wash on. Where’s yours?

jesus christ

Ive got two… boiler is in one. washing machine in the other - and I think there used to be wooden slats in them for hanging clothes off… sure Ben told me that

When I was a kid I had a hamster and one winter there was something wrong with the heating and the house was very cold so we put the hamsters cage in the airing cupboard to keep it warm and it died :grimacing:. Bad guilt.

Blurred for macabre reasons

at least she got hypothermia and didn’t really slowly starve to death

Got a laundry room with a pulley! It’s pretty fantastic although does get used as a dumping ground for clothes, spare duvets etc.

My second one is just full of landlady crap - lots of pots of paint and some shit drawers. I want it for my washing machine god damn it.

Judith hangs garlic and onions from the allotment in hers, we’re very vampire-assured in this block.

Great cupboard chat.


yeah its good it being outside - when its spinning I cant really hear it :slight_smile: