Airport chat

This is a thread for chatting about airports

I should have put more effort into this

Flights that get delayed - that’s annoying.


Tell me about it

I like the wiggly roof in Madrid Barajas.


People on here seem to think Stansted is some kind of Eldritch hellhole of an airport, to which I have to ask: have you even been to Luton


I have, and Luton is better.

Luton is the airport they insist on worsening with each modification

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Ok I know I say this a lot, but this is literally the worst opinion that’s ever been posted on once-popular indie music website Drowned in Sound dot com.


Rotterdam The Hague Airport > Schiphol

London City > Heathrow > Gatwick > Southend > Luton > Stansted

Luton: Sting of the airports


I actually find the security at Edinburgh airport to be really efficient and swift, even when it’s busy.

All other airport security is a nightmare.


I like getting to the airport really early, getting a pint and a seat, and watching latecomers sprint to catch their flights

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In my experience they’ve deliberately made Stansted worse and worse to navigate through when it used to be okay. Luton’s shit too, but they don’t appear to be reveling in making it a more miserable experience than it used to be.

You’re my airport checkin’ cuz

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Keep meaning to try this route instead but there are never flights at the right time. Could you have a word with someone, please?

Literally CBA to fly out of anywhere other than Gatwick these days (which hasn’t restricted my options yet, thankfully)

Luton has fewer lobster tourists, fewer shops, doesn’t have that stupid train you have to catch to the gate. It’s a shithole, but it’s not stanstead level.


Schiphol > Eindhoven


I had to get a 20 minute bus to the plane before my last flight out of gatwick, so won’t be flying from there any more. (Heathrow master race)