Airwolf and/or Blue Thunder

Can’t remember anyone in either of these: Clever, Strong, Fast, Aerial, Handsome

Who was the bloke in the white suit in Airwolf?

He might have had a walking stick or eye patch, not sure.

Don’t know where he fitted into things.

Think this is one of those generational things. Heard the names, no clue what they are. Is it like those flower pot men?

Airwolf referred to:

  • The pilots
  • The copter
  • Both
  • Neither

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Here’s the Airwolf lot, quite recognisable actually


Fucking loved airwolf


Someone was called stringfellow hawk but I couldn’t tell you which one

Never really understand that shit. I know what the Flower Pot Men were and it’s not my generation.

Like people saying I don’t know who the Beatles are they were before my time.

Time is not linear!


This guy.

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Vague memories… he looks a total badass.

Yeah but maybe kids telly from certain eras is only going to be of interest to people who were kids at the time?

I’m assuming it’s kids telly because Airwolf is pretty similar to Airbud

He had two brothers. The man from Del Monte and Martin Bell.


But if you lost vision in one eye and were a spectacle wearer would you just have a black lens or would you wear a patch under a normal pair of specs?

Probably go for two eye patches, I don’t like asymmetry.

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I might have too many threads on the go but there is weaponised dolphin chat in the Hulk Hogan boat thread.

thanks. see you over there

Such a great theme tune.


Blue Thunder is a top tune, perhaps Galaxie 500’s best.


I hope we one day get an A-Team, Airwolf, Knight Rider, general 80’s action TV show cinematic universe.