Alan Turing's papers

Now, I realise that he will have a breadth of differing levels of accessibility, but I’m basing it off this one that I read, and I was surprised and buoyed by how accessible it was.

However, I’m sure if I squinted long and hard enough at this too it’d go in

Just thought the first paper might be worthwhile for anyone with even a passing interest in computer science and machines/AI.


This is going to be one of things where I earnestly have it open in a tab on my phone’s browser for the next few years isn’t it?


This is really cool. Something to read whilst waiting for my back injury stop kicking the shit out of me over the next few days.


Not the first paper I don’t reckon. Pretty easy to read (although maybe Im being a bit presumptuous here haha…it was for me)

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I thought so! It was also the first time it occurred to me that everyone rattles on about Turing all the time and the impact he had on computer science, but how little there is published (or rather, easily accessible).

Hawking, for example, is so entrenched now in popular culture you can pick up A Brief History of Time in any old charity shop, but Turing is a different matter. I would purport this due in part to his unnecessary passing before his time, as well as his involvement in the security services that meant a combination of factors meant a lot of his work and writings were not deemed appropriate for the public eye. Which is a great shame.

Jay-Zs laugh


i’ve missed some sort of thing here haven’t i

There was a thread started once on the old boards called Jay-Z’s Laugh.

It then had all these replies of {celebrity}'s {noun} going on for ages and thus became a meme on the boards of sorts.

Did you know @ma0sm used to have a page explaining all DiS in-jokes.


Alan Turing was such a gbol. Would love to have seen what he’d make of modern tech.


I’m sure this still exists somewhere as pretty sure I consulted it during the early months of being on dis ahh think it may have been this, lost to the annals of time

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So so sad (and frankly disgusting) how he was persecuted. Absolute hero


It was/is here, but someone put in a request to have it taken down, which I can understand.

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Probably the band Jag