Alarming world development #36758

Nobody accepts a hot drink when offered anymore. Meetings at work, tradespeople coming over, etc

I don’t, but only because I don’t want to inconvenience anyone, and most people aren’t as thoughtful and considerate as me as their lives are just crude dioramas crafted in my solipsist conscious…

What happened?

it’s summer


This does certainly seem to be the case

Because it comes with an obligation to reciprocate, which people don’t want because they’re lazy wanks.

People make shit drinks. If I could make a cuppa myself when I arrived at a meeting, I’d do it.

milk no sugar, cheers

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Even in winter! Could be the coldest winter!

Me: Can I get you a drink? Tea? Coffee?
Them: Ooh a coffee would be great please.
Me: Oh fuck off mate it was just a figure of speech


Just offered a trade fella round my house a hot drink when I don’t have milk or a fridge here at the moment, he said no. Knew it!!

Won’t allow colleagues skive off of work, duck off you aint got time to make me drinks get back to work you lazy asshole

Been in different office today and nobody has offered me a hot drink/shown me the kitchen etc. Outrageous!!

We had a tiler round a while ago who declined a tea as he’d brought a smoothie with him that he’d made in his Nutribullet. Started banging on about flax seeds.

My old man’s a proper hipster tradesman. He’s the only builder I know who’s made a mallard salad for lunch.

this is true. I myself have been pretending not to be a tea drinker since I started working here 17 months ago so as not to face up to an awkward no-free-tea situation.

First day at a new job* and my supervisor asked if I wanted a cup of tea. I said yes, he nipped off and reappeared with two mugs with teabags, and we walked towards the kitchen together.

I didn’t see where he’d grabbed the teabags from so asked “where do you get the teabags?” He looked at me like I was the biggest idiot he’d ever seen and said “Tesco or Sainsbury’s or wherever”.




I’d happily go with my own tea bags as a solution but don’t want to start bringing milk in ffs. plus I’d have to pretend to be taking up tea drinking at the age of 34

Drink it black, you blouse.