Album of the year 2017 [so far]

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Syd and Steve Lacy have released fantastic stuff, I far prefer it to anything their main band has done. Looking forward to seeing what they do in the future. Kehlani also had strong showing for a former american idol contestant, it’s got some certified BANGERZ on it

Both Pure comedy and Life without sound took some time to grow on me, and while they’re not the most original albums ever, they’re pretty sweet.

New actress is also pretty good, encouraged me to look at the rest of his stuff, which is also good.

It’s Damn obvs.


No particular order…

Ben Frost - Fortitude
Goldfrapp - silver eye
Soulwax - from dewee
Blanck Mass - world eater
Clark - death Peak
Gas - Narkopop

whats the cover on the right of world eater? recognise it, but can’t place it. also, had no idea why? had a new album out.

Bonobo - Migration

Dutch block - if ye like the nut, crack it


Probably forgotten loads.

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I can tell you what album it isn’t thats for DAMN sure

Cloud Nothings, Priests, and Meat Wave. I’m assuming / hoping the new Afghan Whigs will take the top spot in a few weeks.

not sure, let’s just say it’s delicate steve

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Not much so far. Japandroids is clearly my number 1 at the moment, Blanck Mass not far behind.

It’s April.

Yes it is April


mid-season for my blog is just around the corner (May 1st).

There’s 3 or 4 lingering at the top, but I can’t really say there’s a clear cut choice thus far. Lot of 3.5 and 4-star records, but not really anything higher, yet.

man these collages are annoying, I have no idea what most of the albums are!!

best albums so far this year for me are Methyl Ethel, Grandaddy, Charli XCX and Kendrick

Julie Byrne, Shed, Elbow, Gas, Varg, Shackleton, Conrad Schnitzler / Pole, Onsy

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More of a ‘this is what I have mostly been listening to’. Loads to catch up on in this thread.