Album releases. Friday 1st September

Anything good releases today? I don’t know if any good stuff is out today. I’m seeing a number of gigs in the next week and a lot of my listening will be re-listening/familiarising with their stuff over the week. Hopefully, you guys will recommend me some new stuff.

Just gonna listen to LCD Soundsystem all day.

Techno/house/garage - bloomin’ stellar album based on my first listen.


The bold Mogwai back at it again with Every Country’s Sun. Will listen this afternoon after I’m done rinsing LCD.


The pains of being pure at heart have a new album out today I noticed. Will check it out, although hoping they have gone back to their earlier shoegazey sound as last album was a bit twee for me. Other than that LCD and mogwai will be taking up mist of my listening today

Bicep is blinkin’ great - got it on just now and had Mogwai on first thing (also great).

Also have the Pains of Being Pure at Heart lined up. I think the current sound is somewhere in between the early and middle stuff but still good tunes going on.

LCD Soundsystem will have to wait :wink:

I love September - always loads of great new albums after the summer slump.

Bicep sounds REALLY good on first listen.

Hercules and Love Affair out today too,

Enjoying The Babe Rainbow’s debut (s/t).

A bit of Byron Bay/Aussie neo-psych 60’s fun(kyness).

LCD and Mogwai for me today


New Mogwai is sounding top :headphones:

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My friend’s band Yassassin release their EP today, they occupy a territory between Sleeper and Erase Eratta if that sounds like your sort of thing. On Spotify/online retailers and all decent record shops

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Had LCD earlier - it’s that good that I’m tempted to just listen to it all day, but giving Mogwai a listen now.

They’re a very good band. I might catch their gig at Rough Trade East later in the month.

Thanks for the heads up. Didn’t know one was out.

The Astrid & Rachel Grimes album is utterly lovely:

Picked up new Mogwai and LCD Soundsystem. Just finished Every Country’s Sun, which is exactly the sort of album I want from Mogwai right now; the prettiness of Atomic with some proper old fashioned 'Gwai pummelling to accompany it down the aisle. The title track and Crossing The Road Material are up there with their best stuff.

new Dalek album

I like the new Mogwai, but I feel like I would be more impressed if I hadn’t heard their other albums. It’s not bad, it just feels like something they’ve done better elsewhere.

Posted about this in the Heavy Music thread but this is out today features yer man from Pig Destroyer and Cattle Decapitation but sounds closer to Today is the Day

Oh they’re from Belfast I think but I’ve never listened to them. Will give this a spin