Album Title Suggestions Thread

Many people here are musicians.

They make music.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they make names.

When they make multiple songs, they sometimes compile them to create an “album”.

When naming that album, it can be hard to think of a title which sums up your album.

Please use this thread to suggest album titles that other people may or may not use to name their albums.

N.B. This thread is not to be used for Band Name suggestions, since that is already being discussed here.

Banger Factory

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Songs In The Key Of Fisting

Beyoncè’s Self-Titled Album by your band

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The Onion Ring Mindset

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Old Boiler, New Fridge

The Very Best Of

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X Songs (X being the number of songs unless theres ten songs and you could keep the X as the roman numeral for 10)

The Shite Album (probably been done)

I like walking

The Very Worst of but actually still better than the best of other bands

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Oh I’ve got lots of these, the following have all existed in my head at some point

Palm Trees in Preston
Cornflakes and Flesh
The Water Horses (self titled)
Kirkle Ague’s T House


Return To Form



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Best Album Since the Self Titled Debut


Bloody Kazoos

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The Experimental Album For People Who Don’t Do Experimental

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As per @weeber ’s post in the Prince Philip thread - “Knitted Queen in Mourning”


Self Titled

The Complete Collection*

  • must have one different song on each format