Album you throw on when it gets really hot out

like today. I went straight for Frances the Mute. Post a track off of yours, etc?

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Big boi’s first or white stripes stuff

Or naff indie pop

Tend to whack Chutes Too Narrow on whenever the first lovely day of the year hits and then not listen to it again for another year for some reason


Andorra for me


there’s always one isn’t there…

Crooked Rain Crooked Rain


Yeah this was my first thought. Also Everything all the time

Astral Weeks goes down very nicely in a sunny garden with a morning coffee

Bonnie Prince Billy and the Cairo Gang - Wonder Show of the World is great on a hot evening after it gets dark

this song is just perfect

And they play, say Conway,
and ring, my girl sing,
and plead and beg
and plead and beg
and plead and beg
and plead and beg

to be heard and had and carried on.
Without us, song is nothing.
My wife turned crazy on me one day;
started chopping up the bed.
Looked past me with gaping eyes.
Left me too hard to be scared.
She left, but circled the yard.
All night she haunted the home.
The kids went crazy, life was hard.
The sounds of rings: boom.


A couple of compilations/best of:

Apples In Stereo - #1 Hits Explosion
Pavement - Quarantine The Past


yeah had this on in the car the other day, good for sunny weather

I always like a bit of reggae when it’s sunny.

Max Romeo’s War Inna Babylon will do.

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ice + rum + this


Yes, Range Life especially. Reckon it would be great music to have a nap in a hammock to

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Actually the two Avalanches albums as well

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funny you say that, but when i lived in manchester i had a hammock on my flat balcony. Last summer i’d always listen to either Pavement or that early Courtney Barnett double EP while dosing in it

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This is my summer driving soundtrack.

Windows down; sunglasses on


I’d love a hammock but given I don’t have a garden or even a balcony that’s not going to happen any time soon

The Suburbs

Yo La Tengo - Fade

Currently listening to this album today:

Both albums suit the sunny weather rather nicely!