Albums by artists you love that you've never listened to

So I blitzed through a huge amount of Underworld tracks today, until one came on that frankly took me aback. It was from their debut, a record I’d heard terrible things about and had never seen any proof of even existing. But here it was. A whole album of material by one of my favourite ever bands that, for some reason, I’ve never listened to.

Got me thinking, which bands do you love but, for some reason, have records by that you’ve never put on?

Another that sprang to mind was the mclusky debut. I’ve heard two tracks I quite liked, but have never bothered with that record despite adoring them. I’ve not really any idea why?


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Eels are probably the big one for me. Electro-shock Blues is a top ten candidate and Blinking Lights and Revelations is amazing, but I never really felt the need to dive into the other ones. I’ve tried Daisies of the Galaxies a couple times and it never stuck.

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The mclusky debut is their weakest by some margin but still worth checking out I reckon


Also all of the pre-Hit-to-Death Flaming Lips albums.


man when I saw you typing then I was hoping for the revelation that you’d never bothered listening to siamese dream or something


I’ve never actually listened to The Smashing Pumpkins.


Most recent modest mouse, shins and Decemberists, plus their new one I guess

Gotten really into King Gizz but so far cba listening to Oddments or the first couple.

Think I kinda used to make a point when going through larger back catalogues of not bothering with certain albums, but I’ve eventually got restless and filled in the gaps usually. Checked out my last remaining Oh Sees albums only recently (still haven’t bothered with their early OCS ones though)

Haven’t listened to the new Titus Andronicus yet. I definitely over-listened to them recently, and then the first single off it wasn’t too good at all so I just haven’t bothered yet

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Neil Young’s debut album. I’ve never knowingly heard anything by Buffalo Springfield either.

Anything by John Coltrane after A Love Supreme.

really like this one off his debut

there’s a couple of other good ones on there too


Been meaning to listen to Beatles For Sale for ages, never got round to it


I’ve seen him perform this live. Loved it. Still haven’t bothered to check out the album though. I’m going to correct this tomorrow.

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but you’ve probably heard most or all of the songs from it.

I am preferring to interpret the word “love” in the subject heading as “loved”… in which case Elton John qualifies. There was a time when I would automatically buy anything that had Elton’s name on it; that period came to an end in about 1978. There are dozens of EJ songs, and whole albums, that I have never heard and don’t particularly care to hear: Reg Strikes Back, Leather Jackets, The Big Picture, 21 at 33, Made In England, Peachtree Road…

Surely every Eels fan is an Eels fan because of Beautiful Freak though (or is that just the age I am?). It’s like saying you’re a Nirvana fan whose never gotten round to listening to Nevermind!

Love Kanye, still never heard the life of Pablo, as he is yet to release it on CD, and, um, i still only listen to CDs.

Would highly recommend In A Priest Driven Ambulance. One of my favourite Lips albums.

Love ‘I’ve Been Waiting For You’ as well.