Albums by artists you love that you've never listened to

Have never bothered with the last 3 Talking Heads studio albums, but love everything up to & including Speaking In Tongues.


I bought it back in the day but it never clicked with me, but I really need to return to it and give it another chance. I remember liking one song a lot.

I’ll add this to the list of things to try. I’m not sure why I’ve been so slow with their back catalogue given how much I love everything 1993 and on. I think it’s because the melodies were so much stronger on Transmissions than Hit to Death, and because of the production.

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forgot i have listened to this one, but nothing before

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I think Hit To Death… is a bit of an odd album, with some weaker songs than the albums before and after. I do have a massive soft spot for it though.

@Icarus-Smicarus if you listen to the first three they’re patchy enough. I culled the best tracks from them for this playlist.

ah lovely, i’ll have a listen! have a feeling i might have heard bits and pieces of earlier stuff possibly in The Fearless Freaks but haven’t watched it in years.

Think I checked out Priest Driven Ambulance on the strength of Mountainside which i remember they were still doing live a decade or so ago. regret not seeing them at the time!



Trans - Neil Young

I think Squeeze are one of the best singles bands ever but I’ve never listened to an album of theirs in full I don’t think

not listened to Deafheaven’s first one

barely listened to Racecar is Racecar Backwards

I love it when this happens. I always thought Silverfish only had one album - organ fan. Then I found out they had another - fat axl, which was a joy to listen to. As good as if not better than Organ Fan.

I didn’t listen to Happy Mondays Yes please till about 4 years ago. That was better than expected.

There are probably a few Orb albums I’ve never listened to, but most of the stuff without thrash is not as good.

Plenty of Flaming Lips albums I need to get round to listening to.

And skipping over this thread, there are quite a few talking heads albums I need to listen to.

Wait, are you talking dubnobass…, or Mk1 Underworld’s Underneath the Radar (which spawned the massive, massive hit, “Underneath the Radar”)?

I’d recommend giving Willoughby’s Beach and 12 Bar Bruise a go. Must admit there’s a few I haven’t been arsed with/got around to yet (Eyes Like the Sky, Gunboat Soup) and ones I’ve tried that haven’t really stuck (Paper Mâché Dream Balloon, Murder of the Universe)

In kind of answer to the OP question, I went years and years before I listened to SP’s Mellon Collie, as in not until they reformed for Zeitgeist, despite the fact that I was/am a huge huge fan of Gish and Siamese Dream.

Not listened to loads of GBV, but that’s a given. I need to give under the bushes under the stars a go though.

Haven’t listened to anything past Doolittle by Pixies

Never listened to Bleach

^this (although I think I’ve listened to Cool for Cats and Argybargy at least once each)

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For some reason I’ve never got round to listening to I Care Because You Do, despite liking pretty much everything else by Aphex Twin. Think I will rectify this tonight.

It’s his best album! Probably the one style of Aphex no one has ever really managed to mimic.

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My favourite GBV album and one of my favourite albums of all time.

Love Trompe Le Monde. I like Bossanova. Much less Kim on these albums so you’ll miss her but they’re still great albums.


Didn’t Squeeze change their sound quite a bit later on? I remember one of their later albums being compared to Crowded House, which was certainly not how you would describe their early stuff.

Yeah that one. Was Underneath the radar huge? Never heard of it before…?

Assuming you’re being serious…, yes, Underneath the Radar was slightly huge. In fact it belied its title, because really it put Underworld on the radar.