Albums by very old people



been quite a year for this with acclaimed releases by Elza Soares (79) , Shirley Collins (81) and our Leonard (82) :frowning2:
What are your favourites in this category


Lou Reed was 69 (nice) when he made that album with Metallica. It’s not a bad album, so shut up, everyone who’s going to comment below with “I am the table” things.


Probably the stuff Johnny Cash was releasing shortly before he died, the Hurt cover being an obvious one. Think that was in his early seventies.


Radiohead are getting on a bit


Scott Walker


Dylan, Tempest, 71


That IS a good album! I really like the last three tracks in particular.


Guess Robert Pollard was pretty old to be finding Indie success, and he’s still chugging along rightly.



Brian Eno’s almost 70, still going strong


Christopher Lee was still realising music when he was 92.




Dr John was 72 when Locked Down came out and that is a fucking stormer





Loretta Lynn’s 84


Abul Mogard. He didn’t start recording and releasing music until after he’d retired. Interesting character


Paul Simon’s new album is brilliant, he’s 75.

Neil Young has always looked really fucking old even when he was in like his 30s. Ironic… because his name is Young


Paul Simon looks old and young at the same time.

haven’t heard his recent stuff, but I guess the same goes for how he sounds.

can’t really get my head around him being 75, given that he is and will forever be the definitive voice of a certain kind of sensitive young man.


71 isnt VERY old!


I know 60+ is not so old, but to release your debut after 60 and build up a career from scratch… respect Mr Charles Bradley.