Albums Everyone Loves that You Can't Stand


I’ll start it off with Unknown Pleasures


Any album by the Beatles or Oasis.


Anything by The bloody Smiths. Awful, awful stuff.


The las


I bought that Sun Kil Moon album that everyone was raving about a few years ago and I hated it so much I had to turn it off after about four songs and throw it out of the car window i didnt actually throw it out of the window, i gave it to a friend, but i really almost did throw it out of the window






Great album, give it another try.


Unknown Pleasures is a phenomenal album. Not as good as Closer granted, but nothing is…


I mean, I might have been willing to give Sun Kil Moon another go, but then that man kept on being in the news for being a total prick, so I’m happy with the current arrangement where i never listen to him


Merriweather Post Pavilion - brings me out in a rash
The Holy Bible - the most overrated album from the most overrated band
Let England Shake - quite enjoy some PJ Harvey, but just didn’t get it… tried very hard to

I feel better now…


I hate every album that anyone else has ever loved so just close the thread because I’ve won


Let England Shake is the only one I like of hers. But who cares about that.


I know this is a cynical reply, but I don’t think there are many albums that are universally revered now. There are some that get more acclaim than criticism…but there are detractors everywhere. Could be down to a few reasons; the internet giving people a greater voice, music increasingly needing to reference the path as original ideas become scarce or even the fact that revisionism is just a popular standpoint now.

I think it’s probably a good thing…we need to get past the idea of a “canon”.


Dark Side of The Moon


Merriweather Post Pavilion. Wanky bobbins for student dickheads to get asymetrical haircuts to.
The Money Store. Noise-trash for yuppie fucks to drive their BMWs aggressively to.


This reads like a Mark Kozelek lyric


Every The National album.


Can’t begin to imagine how much you’d hate his more recent albums


Anything by Idles