Albums Everyone Loves that You Can't Stand

Alligator - pish


I mean by everyone do we mean everyone on DiS? Or everyone in the real world? Cos if it’s the latter then put me down for your man Sheeran and that Post Malone fella. But I don’t think many of us like them.

If it’s us then I wouldn’t say can’t stand but I don’t like Animal Collective and don’t really have any interest in listening to Radiohead.

This thread is truly outstanding.


Any album by Kanye West. Absolutely do not get the appeal at all.


I suggest you listen to their entire discography


Imagine thinking students listen to animal collective in 2018 though


This^…is a pile of wank :+1:

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Threads where everyone talks about music they don’t like are always outstanding.


I feel like it’s cathartic therapy. We’re not reading each other’s responses are we? It’s like lodging a complaint with the Universe. At least you got it out…

Came here to say Merriweather Post Pavilion thinking I’d get lynched, so I’m quite relieved to see that two other people mentioned it before me.

It wouldn’t be so bad if people gave some reason for not liking things that might spark a discussion. A lot of times it just seems like people competing to list albums that they know as many other people as possible love.

If there is a value in someone announcing that Remain in Light is a ‘pile of wank’ it’s lost on me I’m afraid.

Yeah, this is interesting when it’s something you would really expect to like and then can articulate why it leaves you cold. If anyone wants to re-tread old ground on ‘Ravedeath’ or puts on Toast of London voice Nils BOODY Frahm, hit me up :wink:

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That’s fair enough. My general beef with Kanye, beyond him being an enormous tit, is that I absolutely cannot stand the sound of his voice. I’m a bit picky when it comes to vocals, and his and Jay Z’s voices are at the top of my list of ones I just can’t get on with. This is also true of Kendrick Lamar for me. Don’t like the sound of his voice, so I just can’t listen to him for very long.

I’ll admit I’m generally not a lyric person at the best of times either, but some of the stuff that falls out of his mouth on record is just genuinely offputting to me. From the general braggadocio that I find completely tedious to casual sexist bullshit that pops up fairly frequently.

/grumpy old man end rant

Brilliant thread. Classic DiS.

Tell you what I’ve never liked – food. HA. Fucking overrated if you ask me. Check me out, I survive principally on ideas, and sameish guitar-led crap that gives me a sense of incredible individualism even though it’s the same as everything else.



I’m sorry guys, I really love Low and I cannot stick that new album.

Saw someone posting on the DiS twitter feed ‘Is this the album of the year?’ and I’m like “… nah m8


The Best of Nevermind by Foo Fighters.

I think it’s their first album.

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I mean I loved it at the time but I’ve probably listened to it twice in the last 8 years


Well, you know my taste with Hecker extends from Konoyo to… Konoyo. As for Frahm, I love him but I’m eternally frustrated that he doesn’t seem to care too much to return to the crossover style of Says, which was my introduction to him and by far the best thing he’s ever written. I have noticed you are somewhat… cold to more straight-line modern classical stuff in general, though.

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Yup. Music for Spotify’s sleep playlists as someone else wrote on here recently :wink: I think there are folks doing really interesting things with modern classical (Murcof’s Martes and my recent listening club pick of Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto) but it needs something beyond pretty piano for me.

My beef with Konoyo is pretty similar to Ravedeath - for me, there’s no sense of narrative arc to the music (vs something like Harmony In Ultraviolet) because every song sounds like it’s a closer. Take any track in isolation, and I think they’re pretty good - they just don’t function for me as albums.

^Scintilating analysis

I think albums that you really loved often drop into a sort of no-mans-land when they are about 7-8 years old. Sometimes you go back to them after 20 years, sometimes not, For ages I hardly listened to anything from the 90s but recently I’ve come back to a lot of it.

MPP is definitely in that dead zone for me at the moment. I loved it at the time but recently a track came up on shuffle and I found it actively irritating. The same applies to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and the Girls album (also from 2009). Looking at other albums I loved that year there are lots that I am now really indifferent to and never listen to.

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