Albums Everyone Loves that You Can't Stand


You should listen to this. It’s a great pastiche (and might make you chuckle):


Yeah, I get you with the whole dead zone thing. I’ve loved Phoenix since I heard Too Young but I’ve found them a bit of a chore to listen to recently; I think they lost a lot of their flavour after WAP. Bankrupt was a very apt title. WAP really did propel them into the light, but I think Alphabetical was their best album.
As for MPP, (and Animal Collective as a whole) I’ve never found it anything other than actively irritating, and yet I have a huge amount of time for Panda Bear.


I love everything up to (and including) WAP, but Bankrupt was a MAAAAASSSIVE drop off in quality, and then the latest one just seemed to be chasing the shiny autotune pop dollar too much, so i’ve pretty much gone right off them.


Speaking of the girls album circa 2009, absolute twaddle.

Also second the smiths, Morisseys voice is that of a total cunt and the guitar sound is wishy washy and generally the whole package is wank




Anything by Leftfield


All this talk of animal collective is apt.

I recently went back to Feels, Strawberry Jam, Sung Tongs and MPP after fucking the band off for… yeah, must be about 7 years. I went right off them.

But i’m loving them again. Especially Feels and Strawberry Jam which I didn’t really rate back in the day. They’re fucking great!


You absolute maniac


Really tried and couldn’t get into this. Even gave the solo album (albums?) a go as well. Big old :man_shrugging:


Dullest. Band. Ever. :sleeping:


I would have thought this would be squarely your kind of thing :open_mouth:


I’ve never liked Slowdive. I saw them sooooooo many times way back in the day because they supported everyone and seemed to show up even more often than Lush! I actually nearly fell asleep at one of their gigs.
When they got back together I did see them. I was at a gig where they were playing, but I hadn’t actually gone to see them, but I decided to give them another try. The sounded good (the sound in the venue was spot on for them) but I still found them as boring as hell.

I don’t like Slowdive.


^Fair :+1:


Where was ^this out of nosy-ness?


At La Villette in Paris.


It is really bad




There’s a few Kanye West albums




The Beatles made lots of great records. But they also did a lot of absolute shit as well. The biggest pile of shite has to be the Sgt Pepper album.