Albums Everyone Loves that You Can't Stand


What’s the issue with Nilhs Frahm?




A few posts down I elaborate a bit. One of those crossover artists who has achieved fame beyond the world of ambient enthusiasts. Normally that’s cool because it’s an entry into a world of music I love. Only I find his music leaves me cold. Which then makes me feel like I’m being a try-hard.


He has 2 million monthly listeners on spotify. Susumu Yokota has a mere 92 thousand. Why?


I feel like I should like it, but I just… don’t.


I’ve listened to quite a bit of Nils Frahm recently and have quite enjoyed it without being blown away. Can you recommend some ambient / minimalist piano music for me? (I know there’s a rolling ambient thread but it’s probably huge)


Slow Meadow, particularly his S/T debut
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - all their collabs but probably start with Vrioon

Actually quite enjoyed Olafur Arnalds’ recent album having generally not been a massive fan.

Nils is clearly dead good at what he does - just not really for me :upside_down_face:


This is my current position with him but I can’t say I’ve given him a good go yet so I’ll reserve complete judgement. Poppy Ackroyds new album Resolve I love though. Give that a listen


In the Airplane Over the Sea. Still convinced they’re a joke band that everyone pretends to like


Never quite clicked with his latest, All Melody. But he has released some great stuff IMO. If you have the patience, I think this pretty much summarises the best of what he does in one concise (15 minute :wink: ) video


some of their members managed to do some stuff bordering on ok by collaborating with far better musicians (e.g. David Sylvian), but man I hate CAN, every album of theirs sucks. But since this is an albums thread, lets say: ege bamyasi

(I’ve also just remembered the band the mooney suzuki, who have not been mentioned on DiS yet according to a search! I don’t think everyone loves them though.)


Thanks. As I said I haven’t given him as much time as I’d like so I’ll have a listen to some more.


Some really stonkingly good albums in this thread

apart from merriweather post pavilion. I said that record was shit when it came out and no one listened!


find it hard not to find much of Animal Collective’s stuff annoying these days, but Strawberry Jam and MPP hold up fairly well. Feels is hit and miss i think.

Sung Tongs is a good entry for this thread for me as even when i really liked them i never really got the fuss over it. first two songs are great, couple of other decent tunes but lots of annoying shite in between.


an album i rarely reach for these days but i still find it all quite fun and enjoyable when i hear it, like a nice warm hug. the album after was pretty boring though and haven’t bothered with the new one yet.

Yeasayer seem like another band that could definitely fall into that dead zone but Odd Blood is still filled with a rich uni days nostalgia for me on the rare occasions i hear it i think.


The Mountain Goats are a band i long thought of as a great big black spot of something i was missing out on cos everyone seems to love them so i made another effort to get into them earlier this year. turns out they’re very very emo. not for me, Clive.



I still love MPP. I went into it having heard nothing by Animal Collective and it instantly sank in. It never out stayed its welcome. Just think my brain is wired to like it, I’m well aware it’s a bit marmite.


Did this take get lost on it’s the way to the old boards?


My Girls is an absolute banger though