Albums Everyone Loves that You Can't Stand




Just jumping in to pile on MPP and Animal Collective in general. Other albums annoy me because of the disproportionate amount of love for them (mbv, Sonic Youth albums, etc.) but MPP actually fills me with anger. I don’t know how anyone can get five seconds into this song without temporarily questioning the worth of music.


Such a banger, thanks for the reminder.


You and @Bamnan should hang out on Wrong Street, Wrong Town, Wrongsville


Nah fam. Hot Take Tupperware, as fresh as a daisy nine years on.


That’s quite a weird description. Which albums did you listen to?


It’s a gem. I actually put this on a joint playlist for a recent drive up to Edinburgh with some mates, it went down well but they could have been humouring me I guess…

Though I liked my mates description of their sound (havign never heard anything by them), he said:
“They sound exactly like that album cover suggests they should, seemingly random but actually with an underlying order”


I tried a couple of older ones a long time ago but don’t remember anything about them, it was the recent ones I tried this time round, the Goths one and maybe a bit of the wrestling one. It’s just that voice. Emo is an unfair description but immediately associate that vocal style with bands for American teenagers. It’s hard to take.


You didn’t ask me but I’m going to but in anyway: check out Eluvium’s Copia.


same here. I found it a hard listen


listen to The Sunset Tree


Does it have a different singer?



i’m not a big mountain goats fan but i always enjoy that one


They went through an absolute golden period with the later low-fi records, especially The Coroner’s Gambit and All Hail West Texas followed by the earlier full band records Tallahassee, We Shall All Be Healed and The Sunset Tree. All of those albums are absolute classics. The more recent ‘concept’ albums are a bit hit and miss.


Completely agree with this. Tallahassee is the one I go back to the most these days… the title track is probably my favourite Mountain Goats song.

I also have a soft spot for Get Lonely but no-one seems to really like that one?


I listen to All Hail West Texas the most, but all five of the albums I listed are great. Hard to pick a favourite song but International Small Arms Traffic Blues from Tallahassee, Pale Green Things from The Sunset Tree, Jenny from All Hail West Texas would all be strong contenders.


Yeezus. unlistenable trebly mess


It’s difficult to get past if you don’t like a singer’s voice (I have that problem with Neutral Milk Hotel, for instance). I don’t have any problem with John Darneille’s voice but it probably has got a bit more ‘mannered’ on recent records - again I can’t recommend those earlier ones highly enough.

It’s all about the songwriting with him though - the songs are so incredibly carefully crafted and intelligent. They are often really moving on the earlier records as well, and I think he’s lost that a bit as he’s concentrated on more conceptual things recently. The craft and storytelling brilliance that goes into his songwriting is why I was puzzled by your ‘emo’ comment - his songs are pretty much the opposite of what I associate with that. In fact I think if there is a criticism of him it is that he is sometimes too detached and self-aware.


I just can’t handle it, in my mind they decided it would be fun to suck on helium balloons and make that exaggerated Maryland accent “ooooerrrrrrr” sound while making zany faces in the mirror. It’s a shame because I remember the first song on the album being good.


Blood on the Tracks