Albums Everyone Loves that You Can't Stand


Can’t stand it apart from God Only Knows, which bizarrely is one of my all time favourite songs considering how I find the rest of it.

Just find the whole sound, in particular that John B song, intensely irritating.


It took me a long time to ‘get’ Pet Sounds and beyond Smile and an appreciation of their beachy-surf hits I’ve never managed to really get their other stuff.

But you know out of all the pop/rock canon stuff PS is probably pretty much the only one I genuinely love.


everyone who’s a critic


Idles latest. Sounds like The Twang covering Owen Jones’ twitter feed.


I’m not really a big Dylan fan in the first place tbf. I find bits of Blonde on Blonde quite palatable, that’s about it.


I can’t give this a straight like because Says (in particular) knocked me sideways, but the rest of this comment is :100:. (Interestingly, when Nils played Says the last time I saw him live, he made some comments about how audiences loved it but that track is barely developed as an idea and a piece of music, which is an unusual public take on one of your most popular works.)


Those are both very good but slightly overrated among his catalogue for me. Highway 61 is perfect however.


I’ve never found Blood on the Tracks as amazing as those first electric albums from the sixties. I got into those records when I was about the age Dylan was when he made them though and keep thinking I should go back to Blood on the Tracks now I’m (much) older. I don’t think it’s a young person’s record.


yeah it’s a solid album but never connected with me in the same way as the records from 10 years prior. haven’t listened to it in ages now. agree that it’s one that feels like it might be easier to appreciate with age.

of the mid 70s albums i think i actually prefer Desire on the whole. big fan of the violins and Emmylou Harris’ vocal harmonies. the Rolling Thunder Revue live stuff from this era has never connected with me that much either though.


Blood on the tracks was the Dylan album that hooked me in when I was younger. Idiot Wind particularly felt really angsty and suited my mood in them days. Having said that, songs like shelter from the storm are a little more measured.


I just loved the wit and the fury and the verve of the mid-sixties records. Blood on the Tracks just sounded kind of like a grumpy middle aged man. Given that I am now a grumpy middle aged man I should definitely give it another listen.


I have to jump on the band wagon with Beatles but also abba!
however my guilty pleasure is the script :wink:




Everyone on here seems to lose their mind for Julien Baker and I just don’t get it. Overwrought yet completely boring, for me.


Listening to this now. It’s great!


Glad you like it.


The Neutral Milk Hotel one with the daft title, it’s a load of old shite




Yeah I tried to get into her and found it all a bit bland to my ears unfortunately

Thought the same for Phoebe Bridgers at first but caught part of her set at 6music fest and have enjoyed her a bit more since then. So all hope is not lost.


Well that’s just downright rude!