Albums from last year (2020) that would have made your AOTY list if you’d actually listened to them last year….

Inspired by the “albums discovered this year” thread, I think the ridiculously long thread title explains it well enough! What albums are you kicking yourselves for discovering just marginally too late to add to your best of lists.

The main two for me are both albums Polish jazz outfit Błoto put out. Just the right blend of improvisational jazz and hip hop beats that is just :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2: Probably best described as a mix of Makaya McCraven and BBNG? I’m shit at describing things…


Oh yeah I love that 2nd Bloto record

Moor Mother and Billy Woods one that came out at the end of last year for me

This might come as some surprise, but this was my #1 from last year :astonished::smirk:


Honestly, probably would’ve been mine. Is an excellent album.

My mates Spotify wrapped top 5 songs…


God, yeah, definitely that too. One of those late in the year releases that I just never got round to until early this year.

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Saw them again the day it came out, had a nice chat with Kyle (guitarist) never imagining how on the nose the album would become. They make me very happy in a teary way.

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Ah man, that sounds great.

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Sophia - Holding On / Letting Go

I picked up a copy for around £4 in the Amazon vinyl clearance sale in the spring. Amazing album.

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Hopefully one day before long we’ll scream along to them in each other’s faces

Found these three live albums from 2020 when researching the music league live round and they are all absolutely brilliant (if you like these sorts of things)

Smooth jazz rap from New Zealand. I haven’t heard the studio album from 2018 but just not sure I need to, this is perfect for me.

Egyptian collective mixing avant-garde electronic production with skronking free jazz. The first track is a slog, really weird operatic noise, but after that it has some of my favourite music, the epics Embassy of Embarrassment and Doomsday Survival Kit are utterly bonkers and totally thrilling.

One for fans of Sons of Kemet, this Austrian jazz band share their penchant for fiery, blistering afrobeat-adjacent grooves.

wouldn’t have been at the top but this probably would have been in the list somewhere

That’s what mine looked like last year. Sodding love that album.

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Main one I can think of

Already mentioned in other threads but, still bears repeating

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