Albums made of samples


Remember when De La Soul made 3ft high and rising and used a load of samples? Does anybody do that anymore? I do like a bit of creative sampling.


Think last year’s Avalanches album might have a couple of samples on tbh tbf…


It’s tougher to do now cause of lawsuits and all that. You still get a lot of, for example, online-only mixtapes and the whole beats scene kinda people (Samiyam, Flying Lotus, etc.) generally work with samples but more warped and paired with other stuff (due to said legal threats)



Lots of hip hop artists are still using mostly sample based beats, but it’s usually the guys who fly under the radar a bit, for obvious reasons.

You might like Blockhead, if you’ve not already heard of him. Did an album recently called The Art of the Sample which De Wolfe Music let him make. They used to do soundtracks for weird horror and sci-fi movies in the 80s (i think) so he put together an album just sampling stuff from their archive.!/?code=Ip3hjl&id=12513933


DJ Shadow - Entroducing



We have an upcoming Disintegration State project based 90% off samples, albeit not quite in the hip-hop or Avalanches vein.


Don’t think he’s made anything new in years but the Girl Talk records from the late 00s / early 10s are like 99% samples and proper bangers.


it’s a bit old now but Rounds by Four Tet was made entirely of samples

also Aidan Moffat’s L Pierre project


Yeah it was more under the radar stuff I was interested in as, I guess, they could get away with sampling anything.


The Caretaker for a different spin on it. Very conceptually focused drone / ambient / experimental / whatever focused largely on old ballroom records


I used to really like Person Pitch.


There’s a whole experimental genre build around this:
Most of them are more interesting than a good listen though.

Some albums based on sampling that I love:
The Avalanches - Since I Left You
Philip Jeck - Surf
The Field - From Here We Go Sublime
Akufen - My Way
Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher
The Books - Thought For Food
The Orb - Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld

And of course, a lot of hiphop (Paul’s Boutique comes to mind)

But, for me, the mother of all “sampling albums” is this one:
It’s basically one guy who heard and loved what The Beatles did with Revolution #9, took a year off of work and decided to try and make his own version with guitar and tape sampling.




This but with said emoji also for the refs to The Books


All albums are made of samples really. The recording process is sampling live (or computer) performance of music.



the guy from the books has a new album