Albums not available on CD

There have been a number of great releases this year that have not been made available on CD

Viagra Boys
Vince Staples
Artificial Pleasure
Denzel Curry

Is anyone aware of a website/companythat could burn/copy albums such as these onto CD with artwork included? I have a vast CD collection and would like to add these to it. Unfortunately I expect this is a sign of the times and it’ll become more common…

You’re asking for a company that would provide you with bootleg CDs?


In a word yes! Thanks for simplifying my query!

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Any suggestions?

These F.A.C.T agents are getting sneakier by the day.

Honestly? A USB CDR costs about 20 to 30 quid max.

You can buy printers that print to printable CDs too.

I’ve had no luck at all with those ‘USB turntables’ that claim to do this - very poor results.

You can get it done professionally but it’s not cheap. I used these guys to professionally clean and produce
CD copies of a couple of very precious old records that weren’t available in any digital format and they are very good:

Obviously you wouldn’t use them for any new record - it would be cheaper to buy the download copy - but for old stuff that you can’t do that with they are great. You get your CD with all the artwork reproduced really well. The cleaning job they do on old records is amazing too.

Love that we have a thread where people openly pirate vinyl by giving away the MP3 downloads, but a thread about albums that have no physical release being backed up to CDs gets out all the cops.


Yeah I notice a lot of small DIY labels only releasing download and vinyl, which is fair enough but I’m often discouraged from buying an album with no CD release.

Not really gonna start looking for bootlegs though myself.

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It is an interesting trend that big artists aren’t bothering with a cd release. I guess the whole revenue model has changed totally. I think for a lot of these artists even streaming and touring revenue isn’t that big a proportion of their overall income.

It’s going to take a while but I think the record industry is trying to move to a model where the cd is like vinyl - a high value, high profit, niche product.

Maybe it’ll be like the reverse of ten years ago when small labels would license albums from big labels to do a vinyl edition.

Probably not tho.

  • buying CDs in 2018
  • ahahahahahahahaha

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Thinking about it, I’m more likely to buy a cassette in 2018 than a CD.


come and tryna snatch my FLACs.

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think i’ve puchased one of each this year, both from the DiSintegration state label

Still buy CDs and find the derision of them a bit weird tbh.

Vinyl’s a lovely object and all that but 90% of the time I don’t really fancy paying double the price for something that takes up 4 times as much space that I can listen to in fewer places.


Agreed and for a lot of albums CDs actually just make more sense than vinyl - compilations with lots of tracks on that would be stupid money on vinyl, albums with long tracks or just where having to flip over breaks the flow etc.

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Agree with this, but I find even the space CDs take up to be too much. I read that poll as being CDs vs just buying MP3s/streaming rather than CDs vs Vinyl.

Used to be a big defender of CDs, back before streaming took over. They felt more future proof, at that point I still felt the iPod was the future and that storage and thus storage would only increase. So vinyl + a time frozen mp3 download felt like a bad deal.

But fair play if you get use from them. I mostly stopped cos I went to university, probably would’ve carried on if not.

And yeah, vinyl is stupidly expensive. It’s an occasional treat for me, for something j really love.

I’d be more than willing to pay the band/record company individually to produce a CD for me! I’ve sent tweets to some. Artificial Pleasure came back with a nice reply. Also sent one to Novelist but no luck. It’s a shame but I’m going to have to get used to it I think. Will probably just download the albums from iTunes and then copy them to CD from there.

Different question then-is there any sites/companies that reproduce artwork? Or any good software/apps?