Albums of the Decade

Thanks Cameron - glad you like the list (found it hard to be concise as I wanted); yes; its a very moving piece by Cold Cold Heart - I have Gideon Coe of 6 music to thank for discovering them. Also, I didn’t realise till after posting about them, but one of the band members is also a DiSser.

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As a Primavera regular I thought I’d ask if you happened to see them at the 09’ edition… was a great set

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Sleep well beast is a good pick - I found it somewhat overlooked in terms of its reception (as much as a National LP can be) but its a great LP - I meant to include on my longlist - along with Women’s Public Strain as Kallgeese mentionned.


agreed, although I would even say by Mid 2020 because sometimes records take 6 months to grow.

I never got to see them! Wasn’t able to go to Primavera in that era as my college exams were always on during the festival. Would have utterly loved to see them once.

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1. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly

Probably a strong case for this gatecrashing my favourite album of all time tbh. An unbelievably rich, complex piece of work that is immensely personal but also a far-reaching social commentary. It’s a showcase for one of the greatest technical rappers of all time but over beats that offer him a framework to experiment with his delivery in a less constricted way than a lot of “rap beats” ordinarily would. It’s a fucking masterpiece.

2. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

The most compelling person of our generation and (probably) his most compelling piece of work. An album that seems to sound like him coming to terms with his flaws as a human being but working through them in the most absurdly egotistical way possible. Full of absolute bangers on a surface level but all of them contribute to an overall arc for the record despite working on their own as well.

3. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city

Was gonna try and restrict myself to a one album per artist rule but would have been stupid to leave this off. It’s the best autobiography I’ve ever read and the best biopic I’ve ever seen but it’s something I’ve only actually listened to. It’s amazing how evocative it is.

4. Frank Ocean - Blonde

A testament to how much better albums that grow on you are to ones that you love immediately. This did nothing for me for the first few times I heard it and then I just decided it wasn’t for me. When the Dissect podcast announced they were doing a season on it I went back and listened just to see what it was I was missing and for whatever reason I fell in love with it just in time for the podcast to go track-by-track and highlight how much depth there is to the whole thing. It’s fucking incredible to think how completely it failed to hold my attention to start with but how compelling I find it now.

5. 65daysofstatic - Wild Light

They’re my very favourite band and this record feels like everything I’ve loved about every era of them but combined into one album. The closing salvo three tracks are their absolute peak I think. I love them so fucking much.

6. Noname - Telefone

She makes words flow together like water being poured or something. Usually I’m all about rappers being in the pocket and the rhymes hitting at the same point as the drums and all that but this just washes over me in such a gorgeous way. Probably one of the voices (in every sense) I’m most excited to hear for the next decade as well.

7. Young Fathers - Tape One &Two

Might be a bit of a cheat but it got released as a combined vinyl at some point this decade so I’m having it. Young Fathers are gonna go down as the last “new band” that I’ll ever fall in love with. You get disillusioned with new music when you head towards your thirties as everything sounds like something you’ve already heard (and doesn’t match the love you have for the stuff you already love) or it sounds like they’re trying too hard to do something different. Young Fathers sounded like nothing I’ve ever heard before or have heard since. They’re the best live act in the country as far as I’m concerned and any one of their releases could have appeared in my list. Went with these tapes as they were the ones that caused the excitement for me.

8. The Hotelier - Home Like Noplace Is There

Nostalgia for a new record was an odd feeling. Basically this album made me feel like a teen again in the best possible way. Losing Brand New was fucking devastating, the fact that this album exists kind of makes it easier.

9. Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost

Kind of a bit “as above” but in a different way. Not sure what it is that makes this album work for me when so much of it would just irritate me on paper (especially those nasaly vocals) but it’s so fucking good. One of those rare albums that forces you to listen to it again the moment it’s finished. “We still leave our shoes at the door, before we wring out our wet clothes across your floor and future, stitch the gaps that destiny eschewed, with floral sutures, are you hiding or have I abandoned you?” is probably my favourite bit of a guitar based song of the decade.

10. Self Esteem - Compliments Please

Might be a bit early for this to make a decade list perhaps but I’ve properly fucking fallen in love with it this year. I always kind of liked Slow Club but just because Rebecca is such an amazing vocalist and I’ve wanted to hear her do her own thing. Now that she’s done it I am not disappointed in the slightest. She’s so fucking talented and it’s a travesty that she’s not even nominated for the Mercury this year, she should have walked it.


Anderson Paak -Malibu
Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion
D’Angelo - Black Messiah
Isaiah Rashad - The Sun’s Tirade
Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile to the Surface
Los Campesinos! - Hello Sadness
NAO - For All We Know
A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service
Tyler The Creator- IGOR


Find myself going back to this more and more. It’s fantastic

Truly excellent breakdown of your faves there too @anon5266188 - surprised to see Compliments Please in there already!


Aye, it’s deceptive how great it is as it sounds so low-energy. So much in it to focus on something different each time innit.

(Also, yeah, the Compliments Please shout might not hold up like the others have but I cannot see myself not regularly listening to it for the next few years or so)

Mm, I thought this until Big Thief came along but I am now utterly in love with them and everything they’ve done so far. Ok, there are traceable elements to them from, say, Radiohead, but in the same sense Young Fathers have a bit of Massive Attack about them. My point being, don’t necessarily give up on new bands :smiley:

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Aye, I guess the distinction is where I used to actively try and seek them out, these days I’ll passively wait and see if anyone grabs me and it very, very rarely happens any more.

sure, that makes sense (although I guess I trace new stuff as part of my living - but I get it, even I can be a bit lazy with that sometimes as time goes on)

This is a good shout, I maybe should have put this in my list, superb album (although I think I prefer The Fall of Math but that was last decade)

Yeah, I prefer TFOM for sure, there’s an argument to be made that I probably enjoyed WWEA more at it’s time of release but I go back to Wild Light way more often than WWEA now.

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WWEA is my fav. I really should check out wild light again though, it never made much impression.


Taipei - Unmake The Wild Light - Safe Passage is an absolutely stunning way to finish an album

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Never think of it as being really exciting but Wild Light hangs together really well as an album and I probably should.

It’s not got Tiger Girl on it though.


Still pissed off they don’t play it live anymore.:sob:

  • I’m doing my albums by choosing my favourite from each year (roughly)
  • I’m an anarchist and might have 5 albums from one year you can’t stop me

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2010/11 in retrospect are far, far, far too good to ignore