Albums of the Year 2023 lists - compiled (no chat)

Just noticed it placed below!

strewth, bad list

Apart from Lankum, which totally deserves to be there!

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The Say She She album is good! Like a cross between Chic and ESG maybe?


How about radio Xs albums of the year. It’s an ‘interesting’ list….

Fair play, at least they’ve managed to include the correct Gaz Coombes album which is more than can be said about Rough Trade. They’ve probably corrected it by now but when I checked earlier they’d listed World’s Strongest Man which came out 5 years ago.

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Yeah, noticed that as well. They have indeed now changed it to the album he released this year

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I’m sure if it existed it would be fab!

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I’d say desperate more than interesting! It really highlights the poor state of modern day rock/indie music.

There are a few on there that I enjoyed. Chemical Brothers, DMA’s, Rolling Stones, Blur, Paramore, Gorillaz. The rest is real fodder.

Decibel magazine

I’ve heard a grand total of one I’m pretty sure.


The Rime of Memory isnt even out yet

From the intro

  1. Yes, we know it’s November; don’t make me explain how print deadlines work and or remind you of our access to advance music.
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Bleep top 10


Pleased to see Nondi_ in there.


The record shops of Leeds (Jumbo and Norman’s) have both given Lankum the album of the year.

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Just gave the Clark album a go based on this list and really liked it.

Wouldn’t take Uncut as the barometer of modern day rock/indie music, or modern anything

oh wait this is about the other list. Now i look silly

Still works.

Also reading that Radio X list I begrudgingly admit Anxiety Replacement Therapy is a pretty good album title

Rough Trade’s AOTY

Yeah, it’s great. Was really surprised with the lukewarm reception it got. Looking forward to him touring it next year.