Albums of the Year Lists: 2017 Edition


Rough Trade are the first to blink

Bitch and moan below

Rough Trade Albums Of The Year. The polls start already

Only heard big thief of those, but any list with Ryan Adams on lacks credibility


The Thurston Moore and Beck albums have similar covers don’t they?


That is too early


Liam Gallagher is suspiciously high on that list


It’s good to see Here Lies Man and Jane Weaver so high on the list I guess.


Aye, this smacks of Rough Trade hovering their finger over the Post button until the split-second after the Bjork album was released.


It’s a shame that Childhood missed out on the top 10. Great album.


Can’t be arsed with the Rough Trade one. Anyone able to tell if albums from the last sixth of last year are included, or do all November-December albums now fall into a RT black hole?


I love the Ryan Adams album but…yeah. The fact that he did a couple of high profile in-stores there (London and NY) and just today released an exclusive Live At Rough Trade album are probably just coincidences, right?


The absence of Whores or A Tribe Called Quest would suggest not, as either would surely be included in any top 20 of the last 12 calendar months.


No Moonlandingz in the entire 100 clearly means they are both fools and communists and must be ignored.


aren’t moonlandingz communists tho?


No St. Vincent? Seems surprising for RT.

I love the Aldous Harding record - although I’m surprised it’s No.1. Maybe a good sales boosting choice - a record that is a little under the radar but with the potential for relatively mainstream success?

What are the records that will crop up in every list?
Kelly Lee Owens
There’s no real consensus record this year is there like To Pimp was for example?


Piccadilly Records

Big Thief at 40 … what!


I’d be more outraged with anything that placed 86 or below.


Joke regarding Big Thief. Piccadilly lists are always awful.


Bring on the list from Norman records, the Wire and Quietus. These are normally decent and worth investigating.


looking forward to the Wire list. normally buy every issue, but I’ve not bought it since the start of the year.