Albums of the Year Lists: 2017 Edition


Getting pretty angry about these bloomin’ lists cominging out already. It feels like they’re more an more a set of adverts for Christmas presents.


Drift have given it to Protomartyr


I disagree strongly with most of the list (probably going to be a running theme for me this year, even moreso than usual) but I’m happy that Protomartyr is getting the recognition they deserve. It’s the clear AOTY for me.


Come on everyone…we have this debate every year about lists. They’re always put out early due to publishing deadlines.

Besides, name me one upcoming release this year that would appeal to the majority of these publications


Yeah, I mean it’s just the record shops and now the UK music magazines so far, all the websites will just do theirs same as usual at end of November/early December.


Best list so far.
By which I mean the most similar to mine, obviously.


Resident Records top 100


Phoebe bridger :heart:
Richard Dawson :heart:


At least 13% of Resident’s albums are in my top 100 for this year. I only have 75 albums in my list so far, so perhaps a few more will sneak in … A few albums for me to explore from Resident’s list too …


@wonton - Bjork?


I don’t mean presumptuous but is it safe to assume NME and DiS will both go with the Wolf Alice album?


Yeah fair enough…probably just that though… not enough to delay publication




40|Mount Eerie|A Cow Looked At Me

Enjoying this alternate title


The NME will. DiS won’t. DiS will probably go with Kelly Lee Owens.


Would have thought War On Drugs would be a lot higher on Mojo’s list.


Am I the only person in DiSland who finds LCD Soundsystem dull? Listening to American Dream and it’s not doing anything for me at all.


Agreed I like some of their songs but last few albums have been dull as dishwater.




Couple of decent tunes aside, largely just bland chubby IT guy music.