Albums of the Year Lists: 2017 Edition


Think you’ve been disproved, pal.


best new moosic.


Doesn’t do much for me either, and I’ve always considered myself to be a fan.


Can’t win em all.


I like them, but it absolutely is chubby IT guy music. on point with that.


Pitchfork have given it to Kendrick (not yet but they will)


100% agree, and I really rate the other 3 albums (Sound of Silver would be in my top 20 of the 2000s)

Maybe just reading too much into his statement after all the reunion tour criticism but it just sounds a bit tired* - an album that they felt like they had to make rather than one they wanted to make. Didn’t they only play 3 tracks off it at the shows at the time of release?

*except for the title track, which sounds a little woozy but in the best possible way. One of their top 10 tracks for sure


Kelly Lee Owens number one. Nice one.


Seeing as Mojo have A Tribe Called Quest at No. 4 in their 2017 list, I wouldn’t be surprised if them and Uncut wind up putting Bjork in their 2018 list!


NME put Liam Gallagher at 10 :roll_eyes:


‘Not an encouraging start’




Well, I’m no one to argue about what should be in heavy rotation in Rough Trade’s office. After all, I don’t work there: It’s none of my business. But since, by this list, they’ve bothered me with it, then honestly, it seems a bit vain and artificial to have everything on your list attached to something you’re trying to sell.


surprised to see little to no love for Vince Staples or Tyler, The Creator so far :frowning:


Not likely from UK music magazines though. US lists will give them more mentions


A ha ha ha ha

“35 Kasabian : For crying out loud”

Both album title and reaction


Well Björk is there, so they’ve clearly kept it in mind, but in general it would take a bit of editorialism


Good lads


Damn is the best reviewed album of the year, followed by Lorde, Vince Staples and LCD Soundsystem so I’d expect these and Kelly Lee Owens to be most top 5s


They are a record store…