Albums of the Year Lists: 2017 Edition


I didn’t know that?


Then no wonder you are surprised that they are trying to sell something! :wink:


Actually, I’m not surprised, and thank you for making my point about their list.


Their top ten (which they’re packaging as a £75 bundle) on the face of it seems a good deal, until you realise nothing in it is of that good. I guess if they went for the clear frontrunners there would be a good chance that most people would have enough of the titles not to bother with the bulk purchase. Might be being a bit harsh there.


welcome :slight_smile:


I like the Jane Weaver album. That’s a good’un.


Surely whatever album they rate number one they’ll have copies of it to sell, do you mean they’re purposely rating certain albums higher or lower based on how much excess stock they have to flog?


I see what you’re saying. However, they don’t sell every record which might be considered and they haven’t featured anything even near the top which isn’t attached to something they are trying to sell. So, do you not sense something slightly amiss? I mean, by all means, lay aside those numerous accounts from their former bands reporting wolfish treatment. Pretend their integrity has never been a concern. Instead, just ask whether you should take such a list seriously if it was made by Amazon or Walmart.


I’m not sure that’s a fair comparison. Phonica and Norman Records’ albums of the year lists have a link to buy the records (at least they did last year) for nearly all the entries. Should we not take them seriously?


Or is your point that they are only selling entries near the top of the list rather than they are selling at all?


Real issue with the Rough Trade list is it’s fucking shit!!


Wolf Alice number 2 in NME, no idea what could be number one but Kasabian’s album hasn’t come up yet…


Stormzy maybe, they gave that five stars


NME No. 1 is Lorde




Arcade Fire ahead of Julie Byrne and Peaking Lights on this list is hilariously bad (mind you, so is the inclusion of Everything Now in any AOTY list)


Consequence of Sound


yeah decent list, can see Lorde pipping Kendrick on the collated AOTY list


although lol it’s early days but lead by LCD


6 Music presenters voted for Thundercat.

He’s such a lovely man. Little video I shot with him