Albums of the Year Lists: 2017 Edition


This is pretty damn (no pun intended) good list imo




Rolling Stone


This is pretty similar to my provisional album of the year list bit surprised at how little love the Toby Driver record.


think for once we’re gonna get a year where every list is more or less exactly the same, kudos to you music in 2017


Isn’t that every year? Or am I about to get hit with a ‘That’s the Joke’ screencap?


I don’t see many lists being topped by Jay Som like Paste’s is tbh.


hahahaha no I meant to say ISN’T THE SAME I’m a fucking moron


see above


Fucking hell man


i’d ask @moderators to help me out here but I don’t think I deserve it


hey I don’t have time to spell-check and proof-read it’s not like it’s my job or w/e


did 5 when i saw em, think the earlier shows might have had less, my assumption was they hadn’t rehearsed them enough, as some songs seemed to take a while to appear.

i wasn’t expecting that much from American Dream tbh but i think it’s excellent. better than This Is Happening, i reckon (which i loved at the time but must be my least revisited now. this one could always suffer the same fate but i don’t see it)


Hmmm - nice list from Paste. A few of my top (currently) 76 albums of the year made it onto the list - well 8 to be precise. And, for once, plenty of other interesting stuff to explore that I haven’t given a listen to this year: JD McPherson, Sallie Ford, David Bozon, Omni, Nai Palm, and Benjamin Booker.

That Rolling Stone list is the exact opposite. Just 1 of my 76 made that list. And nothing that interesting to explore from it. Not that surprising, but still.


U2 at no.3 in the Rolling Stone list is pretty funny though.

The Independent list is actually a lot more interesting than I thought but tbh I never read their music coverage so just bringing my own preconceptions.



I wonder what would happen if U2 and Springsteen released an album in the same year? The headache in the RS Editor’s office would last for weeks.


But you knew this already, right?


Ha! I didn’t actually. Just checked 2009 - U2 pushed Bruce into 2nd place that year as well.

Even the most diehard of Springsteen fans think Working On A Dream is a duffer - Rolling Stone reckoned it was a 5/5, second best of the year.


Yeah, I saw that for 2009 as well. Next most recent year is 1987 and look:

Joshua Tree is only #6! I suppose that bloke wasn’t the editor then.