Albums of the Year Lists: 2017 Edition


Oh sorry, it’s not the editor it’s the founder. Maybe he wasn’t bff with Bono at that point.


The Skinny


thanks for covering for me :wink:


the Scottish list is also good:


fascinatingly, in 1988, they managed to put albums 5 and 6 as the same album.


in 1991, the top 25 is almost all, bar MJ, in order of release, each week bettering the last.:


Whilst the order is very different, 8 out of those 10 will likely be in my top 20 so all in all I’d say that’s the best list I’ve seen yet (sorry ESA)


Can RtJ really count as this year?


I’m counting it as this year anyway


It was released 24th December - most AOTY lists for 2016 would have been finalised by then, and even for the ones that weren’t it doesn’t give much time to let the album bed in. Makes perfect sense to me for it to be part of 2017’s lists.


Quite happy for it to count, it’s a great album. Just buggers up what I thought was my top 5…


it was physically released in January too






lol indie-rock-white-guys-with-guitars live!


Really nice to see Richard Dawson get some love


Yeah still given the really big UK dance music influence on that album you would think people here would take more notice


Yeah but they almost always are top heavy with acts with Rough Trade exclusives out. Its very cynical. You can pretty much guess the list. They will omit better reviewed albums for an album by an act with an exclusive or rough trade event. Its like really obviously done.


Here’s Skinny full list of 50:


Like Protomartyr? :wink: