Albums of the Year Lists: 2017 Edition


Arcade Fire is number 11


There’s a woman in that band, so it’s a bold left-field choice - argument invalid


it’s also irredeemably shite


Stop making my glib snarky comment into an actual discussion of the list please! That’s not what I come to a music forum for thank you very much


Chat shit get banged m8


nice to see Tinariwen get a high placing though


Great list from Norman, as always:


Bleep keep it nice and concise (unless they have 200 sub-genre lists to follow of course):


Good to see Brainwaltzera well up there. Top 5 of the year for me.


Yeah that was new to me. Been listening to it this afternoon - it’s great. Do you know if it is actually Aphex Twin?


Just discovered it too thanks to Bleep. Love it!! It sounds like Aphex. Song titles look like aphex too.


That is one hell of a DiS-friendly list.:rofl: Anyway, lots of stuff for me to explore and/or revisit, which is really the point of all these year end lists, right? To get to check out all that stuff that - for one reason or another - went under the radar …


the careening blues metal of “Turtleneck”



Physical release was this year, there was a weird pre-release on certain digital platforms


blues metal


Number 7 on the list is brilliant. Dismissed it initially but after seeing it on the norm list have gave it a revisit:

Check it!


+1 - been enjoying this album this year. On my longer list of albums of the year for sure.


If it is Aphex, he’s back on form at last! Syro didn’t do it for me, neither those recent EPs.


Sister Ray Records


Hype Williams is the curveball on that list isn’t it? I actually really like it but I’ve sort of become a recent Dean&Inga convert so it’s up my street.
Ride LP high up too. Didn’t think that had been well received but I’m obviously wrong on that as it seems to be making a few lists.