Albums released on the same day


I had neither, but my mate had both. There’s a good chance they ended up copied onto either side of the same tape.

SDRE factoid: I ‘borrowed heavily’ from the cover and inlay art for some school coursework.


Coldplay - ‘X&Y’
The Tears - ‘Here Come The Tears’

I’m not sure why i remember this.


Prodigy - Fat of the Land
Primal Scream - Vanishing Point.

Bought FotL but brought it back after a few days and swapped it for VP.
No regrets. (Other than buying a rubbish album first)


This has just reminded me of another one - 20 April 1998:

  • Massive Attack - Mezzanine
  • Arab Strap - Philophobia

I remember the Melody Maker review absolutely wetting itself over Arab Strap (who I had never heard at that point) while being a little lukewarm on Massive Attack, so I headed down to Our Price (lol) on Cheapside (lolol) on my lunch break to pick it up. Got it home and was fairly excited. Got through the first couple of tracks - jesus, is it all like this? Skip a couple of tracks. Skip a couple more. Back to the shop to return it the following day. Shop assistant asks me if there’s anything wrong with it - yes mate, it’s shite. Swapped it for Mezzanine and never looked back :sunglasses: