Albums seem to be disappearing from Spotify

Including the Karl Blau one I downloaded

Are you on premium? There’s talk of certain albums being put behind paywalls.

Yep, on the ol 9.99 per month

Albums seem to be appearing on Spotify

I guess it’s Blau For Now

How To Disappear Completely From Spotify (For Less Than Ten Pound)

Things you wish were on Spotify:

That missing Reuben album
The first Masters of Reality album

Ghosts of the Great Highway by Sun Kil Moon
Everything on Drag City




King Crimson

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Mr Bad Example by Warren Zevon.

Annoyingly, it seems as though some of his stuff vanished to be replaced by a ‘COMPLETE ALBUMS’ type compilation, which doesn’t have the complete albums…

Noticed 154 by Wire has also disappeared. Bit bummed.

i was desperate so i started listening to one of the recent live albums they have on there. way to murder all the good songs, guys. the new singer sounds like he should be in the west end.

It’s on Google Play (at least in the US). :yum:

Where do you live? It’s still on UK Spotify?

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