Albums should start with someone from the band saying "thanks for buying the album"



They should start like podcasts with 20 mins of preamble and tedious in jokes.
Possibly accompanied with aimless instrumental jamming


I’m thinking of updating the old post rock trope ‘music for a film never made’ to ‘music for a podcast never recorded’ an e.p of 10 second fragments of marimba that never goes anywhere


track 1 should be an unexpectedly localised advertisement that takes the listener by surprise for a coupla seconds


and the last track is a voice sample followed by Malcolm Gladwell repeating exactly what was just communicated


Sultans of Ping FC’s “Casual Sex in the Cineplex” starts with a message of thanks.

Surely everyone on here listens to that regularly?


I like gladwell but sometimes he will let something slip that shows he lacks credibility, remember one episode where he thought smells like teen spirit was an upbeat song and another where he argued fries are objectively better than mash


Can’t agree with this more. When you’re on board with what he’s saying, you don’t question it because you agree with the bias, but when he starts talking clear shit (e.g. whenever he talks about music) you realise he’s just a dangerously persuasive person who makes his opinion sound like fact.


I read one of his books recently, thought it was shockingly sloppy, the worst bit being where he talks about the troubles in Northern Ireland, he says the British sided with the Protestants because they shared the same religion, there is no clear sense he understands Northern Ireland is part of the U.K. or the history between England and Ireland



I remember one of this podcasts being about music. Can’t remember quite what it was about what he said that I found so wtf though


Was it the one about there being two types of music, rock and country


Oh god yes it was

I’m surprised I’d forgotten that bc I think it’s what stopped me listening to the rest of the series


Are you fucking serious. Gonna listen to this now to get angry.


It gets worse bc iirc the argument is that country is sad and rock is never sad


It’s not even a bad opinion it’s just a really bizarre misperception of an entire art form


Get ready to be infuriated, his hypothesis is that the big divide in America is along musical lines, country music is emotional, personal and intimate, but can only be this way because it’s audience is homogenous, whereas rock music is more diverse, and because of this diversity there is less shared experience so songs have to have broader appeal, hence why rock music is superficial and all about having a good time, like that upbeat party banger smells like teen spirit, I think he is also super dismissive of the beach boys as well (fair enough they have a lot of upbeat music but he talks about them like they are disposable formulaic pop music, I think, might be misremembering with something else).

It is a truly bizarre episode


He is also wrong about mash potato


What’s he been saying about mashed potato


In the episode on the changed recipe of McDonald’s fries he claims that French fries are objectively the best way to add fat to potato’s, better than mash potatoes


Really fancy some mash now