🎧 Albums/songs of the year lists 2020 🎵

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Rough Trade out today. I swear it gets earlier every year!

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As always Rough Trade starts

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Always odd how the record shop lists tend to be made up of records that the stores have limited pressings of.


Quite the coincidence.
Bit of a slap in the face of an acts fans too imo.
Though obvs Dead Oceans are money grubbing variant peddlers par excellence.

Yeah: I have a “strictly limited” red Bdrmm vinyl, that now sems to be a standard press, but people finding them on these lists have the choice of two /300 options, which will inevitably be rarer. I mean, I don’t actually care, I just like the album, but it’s a bit… hmmm.

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Yep. And bearing in mind all the issues with pressing and shipping this year these are all bound to have been pressed ages ago. So it didn’t matter how good the albums coming ot in the 2nd half of the year were.
The Phoebe Bridgers one is even more cynical. That albums already had soooo many variants and now at the end here’s the most rare. And then an exclusive EP with no forewarning for genuine fans and not limited to 1 per person.
Rough Trade list - scalpers wet dream.

Fuck Rough Trade and fuck Dead Oceans.

(and I mean that in general I’m not even upset with this particular instance. It’s just very grubby)

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I get the exclusive thing for the end of year for someone like Boomkat that is quite niche. But, yeah Rough Trade not so much. Still bought 5 & 7 like a dick on blue vinyl though

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Two albums, advertised as part of the 2020 EoY list, that AREN’T EVEN FROM THIS YEAR!

(I mean, sure, I bought the blue Black Is)

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This is early isn’t it? I thought even the shops waited until end Nov. Obviously not.

Aye there’s that too. I’d rather support indies who need it.
I’m not into owning multiple copies of the same LP anyway (unless it’s an anniversary thing with extras) and the EP I’d have listened to once.

Gotta get those chrimbo sales.
Plus these ‘album of the year’ LP pressings have been clogging up that Rough Trade stockroom since June.

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The original releases rare colour variant was clear and that was exclusive to Rough Trade as well.

Nah, Rough Trade is always around now, and then Mojo/Uncut around now too, and then all the websites start to trickle along from the latter half of November onwards

Maybe I’m thinking of Norman’s, they do a sort of preview and then the actual list pretty late I seem to remember. Boomkat special editions have annoyed me a little bit in the past when they have a version with a bonus cd.

Uncut (not the whole list but the top 25 anyway)

01 Bob Dylan : Rough and Rowdy Ways
02 Fleet Floxes : Shore
03 Phoebe Bridgers : Punisher
04 Drive-By Truckers : The New OK
05 Thundercat : It Is What It Is
06 Waxahatchee : Saint Cloud
07 Bill Callahan : Gold Record
08 Jarvis : Beyond The Pale
09 Shirley Collins : Heart’s Ease
10 Laura Marling : Song for our Daughter
11 Jason Isbell : Reunions
12 Moses Boyd : Dark Matter
13 Tame Impala : The Slow Rush
14 Courtney Marie Andrews : Old Flowers
15 Fontaines DC : A Hero’s Death
16 Stephen Malkmus : Traditional Techniques
17 Sault : Untitled (Black Is)
18 Frazry Ford : U Kin B The Sun
19 Brigid Mae Power : Head Above The Water
20 Bruce Springsteen : Letter to You
21 James Elkington : Ever-Roving Eye
22 Fiona Apple : Fetch the Bolt Cutters
23 Paul Weller : On Sunset
24 Moses Sumney : Grae
25 Nubya Garcia : Source