Albums still to come in 2017




Pls dont tell me you have it. When is it out?


Of course I do I’m on boss mode these days

22nd Sept (as is Chelsea Wolfe, which is also really good)






Everything Everything just around the corner.

And even more excited for a new Rolo Tomassi album which hopefully will appear this year. Their albums just get better and better.


Reckon there’s a good chance we’ll get announcements from Nils Frahm and Jon Hopkins soon


seconding Chelsea Wolfe, Mogwai, GYBE, and Dalek.

Cloakroom have a new one coming out in a few weeks. New Metz sounds promising too. Demdike Stare might have something new; they posted a track with Jehnny Beth (of Savages) that was pulled.


Is there a date for the Strange Ranger record?


It looks as if it’s going to be October, possibly the 6th.


Adding Valparaiso, another one out in September (22nd).


Link to a song described as the ‘overture’ of the album ‘Broken Homeland’, produced by John Parish (assuming I have done the link stuff right).


Well in for both of these. Is JH making noises then? Had a great drive through Northumbria with Immunity playing last weekend, got me in the mood for more. Bangers though pls. The immunity av tour was amazing.


Cut Copy, Mogwai, Wolf Alice, Everything Everything, Aphex Twin maybe? Portishead maybe? Fever Ray maybe??


Yeah, JH said on fb in May that he was finishing up his next album. Dunno, it’s clearly quite a lengthy process for him so might not be this year. But if that keeps standards Immunity-high then ain’t no thaaang. NF is touring starting January and said new material imminent.


Recently got into (VU-inspired) Ultimate Painting, and see Jack Cooper (also of Mazes) has a solo album out on 25 August, Sandgrown. Really looking forward to this one.

Description (courtesy of Trouble In Mind, not my own): “Evoking the delicate but often widescreen musicality of Bill Fay and the abstract lyricism of the late 60s Scott Walker records, as well as the more experimental sounds of John Cale and Robert Wyatt, Sandgrown is a collection of tranquil ballads that evoke feelings of nostalgia and re-evaluation about where you come from, wherever that may be.” But don’t let that put you off …


Hoping Zammuto might follow through on his promise for a new album this year.


Ed O’Brien was meant to have a solo album out. which could be Brazilian inspired beats or a sodden drenching of ambience or him singing “EDDD” over and over again.

Brand New sent an apologised in September for not having their (final?) album finished on time to release in 2016. They’ve announced 3 dates in America starting in a month, which seems to be the only news to come out of them in a while. Not sure if it means they’ve got any further with their record?


just found out that Bark Psychosis’ Hex is getting an official remaster next month:


Looking forward to new Protomartyr. The Agent Intellect was one of my faves of 2015