Albums still to come in 2017


Pure buzzin for those Suzanne Sundfor, Nadine Shah, The National, LCD Soundsystem, Bjork, Slotface, and St Vincent albums to come out. And Charli XCX has got to get album 3 out eventually ye? Number 1 Angel is pretty much AotY already so she’s only got herself to beat.

Why does the BBC reckon Sufjan has an album coming out? Are they getting mixed up with the two songs he’s written for Call Me By Your Name soundtrack? Plebbos

I bet money that Cat Power album is years off.


According to P/fork, Beck’s (‘I suppose the record could have come out a year or two ago’) new album, Colors, is expected in October.

Like with LCD (not blown away by either of the two tracks released to date, but pleased to hear James Murphy saying they are not necessarily representative of the ‘darker’ album American Dream will be) I am sort of looking forward to this coming out, but with some trepidation too.


Sufjan has an outtakes album from the C+L sessions coming out…


So he does, I forgot about that. I’m still calling BBC plebbos though, because that’s not a proper album (unless it turns out like untitled unmastered).

Haiku Salut have just social media-ed that today is their last day in the studio for their third album. It’s a yaas from me.


THE KNIFE (fingers and toes crossed)


can confirm the new EMA album is fucking great

it reminds me a bit of NIN actually


Yeah, it’s a cracker: bits of NIN, bits of Goldfrapp, even a touch of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Garbage too (probably just put a lot of people off with that last one). I also really like the way that, while it’s got some catchier/poppier numbers, they haven’t front-loaded the album with them.

BTW, I get all my music info from print sources: can someone please let me know if it’s E. M. A. or EM(M)A? (comedy answers welcome)


Fresh have their debut album out this week and it’s going to be phenomenal.

Also this Converge news has me v excited


well the second part of this has happened pretty swiftly!


Well for starters, Paul Draper’s solo album has just been released, in case the DiS reviewers didn’t know.


We’re not covering it as I manage one of the co-writers (The Anchoress). Same reason we didn’t review the Ed Harcourt album and records he’s had a hand in writing/producing.


Oi! I helped put that together.


That’s interesting. Is it a DiS policy or a rule across the board? I’d never considered things like this before.


Bollocks. Susanne Sundfør’s new album release has been put back to 8th September. I was looking forward to the big hitters’ releases this Friday including hers.


Just started on new protomartyr and mogwai, former is awesome, latter is good but nothing new


Todd Terje is the one I am most excited by.


Wrens back into next year sadly.



Sad news but hopefully his health issues are resolved or at least improving


Albums I’m looking forward to this year:

Old Amica
Loney Dear
Imitating Aeroplanes (Team Me replacement type band)

ooh, all Scandinavian!


heard new godspeed and wolf parade tonight!