Albums still to come in 2017


Godspeed any good?


It’s definitely Godspeed!


Boring, then.


Actually it was pretty “rapid” in that there’s no fannnying about, got to the point fairly quickly for them


Really looking forward to the upcoming Hot Water Music and Iron Chic albums.


I’m looking forward to new albums from Citizen (not sure it’ll be any good, but I liked the last one), Gleemer and of course that Prawn one, still.


I am interested in how the new Wolf Parade turns out…I still return to At Mount Zoomer and Expo 86 pretty often despite them not quite matching up to the debut.

I just wish the cover was different. It’s really really beige and that makes me disproportionately angry.


no incredibly long drones? was kinda annoying how the last two albums were both two really good songs plus two really pointless drones, just comes off as filler


Nope, it’s pretty much all songs/movements at a relatively brief 45 mins