albums that end on the wrong song

you’re listening to an album, having a great time, and a really good closing track comes on. It’s an epic finale, or a lovely sweet little outro, or one that neatly ties up the themes of the album …

and then you realise that somehow there’s another track or two still to go! the tracks might be good, you might even love them, but they just don’t fit as well at the end

go go


Think Nightswimming would be a better ending for Automatic For The People than Find The River.

Got one that I can’t remember now.


thread brought to you by Death Cab - The Photo Album

Debate Exposes Doubt is a good track, and the instrumental second half is strong and moody. But it makes the album end in this unsettling, unresolved mood that never quite worked for me.

And you had Coney Island just one track earlier! This beautiful bittersweet peak-DCFC ballad which ends with a lovely rising piano melody … every time it ends I think the album is done, and every time I’m a little disappointed

Last three tracks after this stormer are shit. Get rid.

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It’s a Shame About Ray originally ended on Frank Mills. After the very early pressings Mrs Robinson was added. It’s the song that got me buying the album when it was new, but I now realise it’s better without it


best example ever is probably use your illusion II. whatever were they thinking following Don’t Cry (alt lyrics :wink: ) with this abomination

at least it’s short i guess

Daydream Nation - you’ve been drifting off to the slow comedown and fadeout of Hyperstation and then Eliminator Jr comes on for some reason

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Good shout. I’d say one or the other but not both.

Hard agree

(But don’t tell @1101010)


Radical Romantics

Always thought that Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend should end on Ya Hey

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Carrot rope on the original track listing of terror twilight. Don’t have such big problems as some people and it’s ‘fine’ as a single but it ends just fine with the hexx. It’s like a weird bonus track


Actually while I still think it’s a great song, we got that super-duper double LP edition a year back and now I’ve got used to the album finishing the old way and Mrs Robinson opening the extras disc.

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Really don’t like it when an album ends on an instrumental, so never understood why Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots doesn’t end with All We Have Is Now.

Also, Reveal by REM is not really a very good album anyway, but I’ll Take The Rain is such a big grand ending type of a song, doesn’t make any sense that it’s not the last song


Been listening to this a lot over the past week and enjoy the closer :+1:

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i like it, just an odd choice for ending imo

Trompe Le Monde

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As good as it is, I think Gouge Away is a bit of an odd song to end an album with. Seems more of a mid-album stormer to me

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Motorway to Roswell would be quite a good closer maybe


Will You Find Me is a good song but not a good closer. Agree that Johnny Mathis’ Feet would be a better last song.

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